Wednesday, May 11, 2016

TNfit Co. started an all-round fitness workshop for a healthy lifestyle

Attendees at the TNfitCo first workshop

Nicholas and Tyen started TNfit Co. to allow attendees to understand the proper way of common exercises. The workshop was held at gym n tonic covers an all-round fitness program which also include diet. Invited speaker, Jolin Ma from Daily Juice, talk about holistic nutrition. It was informative. Topics such as good fats, benefits of cleansing, benefits of ingredients etc. Made Real was also present to allow participants to try our their healthy snacks ( various types of healthy nuts ). I tried and it was healthy and delicious.

I met Nicholas during the last year Strongman event. He was actively competing in some of the bodybuilding competitions. He is a passionate personal trainer. The last competition he compete in Nabba Singapore Muscle War 2016. I was then the official photographer. 

Nicholas competing at the Nabba Singapore Muscle War 2016

Even though I have photographed Tyen in two separate competitions, I did not know her until this workshop event. Another passionate personal trainer. Having two passionate people started their workshop, I am pretty sure you will gain both diet and fitness knowledge with passion. TNfit Co. even have their own Youtube channel which I have personally seen their first video on Fitness Misconception Part 1

Tyen competing at the Nabba Singapore Muscle War 2016

Nicholas together with Tyen went through the various exercise and explain the right way of doing it. Looking at the participants, they not only sweat it out but also thoroughly enjoyed the exercises. It is definitely worth going for the workshop. 

The second workshop will be on 21 May 2016. Do check out the facebook page belowif you are interested to enrol.

More photos during the first workshop

Video created by Nic during the first Workshop

Here are some of the links about TNfitCo and Nic / Tyen

Nicholas Jacob Chong

Mobile : 91278324

Tyen Ying Fong

Mobile : 96588640

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