Thursday, June 18, 2015

American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) has landed in Singapore at Vivo

The popular US apparel brand opened at  VivoCity Basement 1 on the 19 June 2015. The casual wears are for both men and women. Refreshing style and yet affordable. Start your shopping today. 

Check them out at VivoCity, #B1-06/07. The opening hours from 10.30am – 9.30pm daily. 

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Shake it Up with the Latest Range of Mini Hi-Fi Systems from Sony

The new SHAKE series models, including the SHAKE-X7D, bring features that will make your party the talk of the town


(SINGAPORE, 18 June 2015) – Work hard and party even harder with the new SHAKE series Mini Hi-Fi Systems from Sony, bound to satisfy the needs of music lovers and party goers alike. These powerful home audio systems – SHAKE-X7D and SHAKE-X3D – let you turn up the music and start grooving to the beat right at the comfort of home, without the hassle of squeezing inside clubs. 

These Mini Hi-Fi Systems come with the powerful Smart High Power technology which channels sound through a specific sound path to increase acoustic pressure and create a clear and full bass. The sound pressure horn enables them to present soul-shaking beats that can really be felt as you sway along with the tunes. Furthermore, while sound comes out powerful and intense, they do not use up much electricity as they possess power-saving technologies to conserve energy.

Additionally, DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) up-scales compressed digital music files by restoring the high and low-range sound lost in the compression process, while ClearAudio+™ optimises playback for all your tracks. The end results are sounds that are so verbally rich and brilliantly clear, you can hear more in every track.

The new home audio models also come with features that will keep the crowd on their feet regardless of the songs being played. Get creative with DJ Effects – just mix your tunes around to hype up the party if you think it’s dying down. Separately, Party Chain is another feature that lets your Hi-Fi Systems connect with more devices via audio cables to create an even bigger sound for an even bigger gathering. 

The new Hi-Fi Systems also feature Bluetooth® and NFC capabilities, so with just one single touch of your Bluetooth® and NFC-enabled devices, you can immediately start streaming your favourite playlists wirelessly without any hassles! You can also download the SongPal™ Mobile App to browse your playlists and control the sound settings wirelessly via your smart devices – perfect for occasions when you find it hard to walk past the crowded space to reach the home audio systems.

The new SHAKE-X7D and SHAKE-X3D Mini Hi-Fi Systems from Sony will be available at selected Sony Stores and Sony authorised dealers from end July onwards, at a recommended retail price of S$1,299 and S$999, respectively.

Run to the Rhythm with the New Smart B-Trainer from Sony

Sony launches the Smart B-Trainer during the Sports & Fitness Asia 2015. If you are a runner, this is an exciting piece of all-in-one training device and together with the application, it will motivate your exercise regime with its range of features, such as intelligent music playback based on heart rate monitoring, various training plans and real time voice coaching.

This sports companion integrates Sony’s latest audio advancements with the latest sensor and software technologies to provide a holistic exercise experience. It consists of the SSE-BTR1 headphone-integrated device that is packed with six types of sensors – heart rate, acceleration, GPS, compass, gyro and barometer – and measures as well as records 11 types of running logs – heart rate, burned calories, distance, time, speed, pace, cadence, steps, stride, running route and elevation.

Based on a preset user profile and heart rate goal, the device measures your heart rate and automatically selects music for efficient training. The app Smart B-Trainer for Running enables you to manage running logs on your smartphone.

Two sets of training plan are available – Basic and Premium. The Basic Plan offers a range of options, enabling you to manually set running goals for the day. The Premium Training offers a selection of training plans for a variety of levels, from walking to marathon running. At the same time, Smart B-Trainer can work in coordination with the MY ASICS Training Plan developed by ASICS.

Once you have completed your workout, you can transfer your running log to the app to view the results and assess your progress. The device also has a built-in memory of 16GB which can stores up to approximately 3900 songs. It is waterproof and can be used as a Bluetooth headset to answer calls hands-free.

Starting from 22 May to 7 June 2015, the Smart B-Trainer will be available for pre-ordering at all Sony Stores and selected authorised dealers, at a recommended retail price of S$399. This promotion comes with a free 2XU Compression Shorts, worth S$139 that is redeemable from 11 June to 31 July 2015 at Key Power Sports, located at Velocity.

Available in five colours ( yellow, white, blue, pink and black ), the Smart B Trainer will be available at all Sony Stores, Sony Centres and selected Sony authorised dealers from 11 June 2015 onwards.

Besides Smart B-Trainer, Sony also showcase her other innovative wearable technology products at the Sports & Fitness Asia 2015. They are Smart Tennis Sensor, 4K FDR-X1000V Action Cam, SmartWatch 3 SWR50, Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH70 and Xperia Z3. It was an exciting event for those who love sports.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

THE TUNNEL 터널 《隧道惊魂》 Movie Review

The name of the movie already excites me. The build-up of the story was a bit slow. Everything seems normal with a group of gorgeous looking men and women having fun at an incomplete holiday resort built around an old inactive coal mine.

In fact, the horror thriller started when a mysterious old miner try to warn and chase the party goers away. At the same time, many questions started forming in my mind. Logical deduction engine got into action. Mr. Who and Mr. Why came along. In any of those classic thriller / horror movie, the members of the group started getting killed one after another. Favourite weapon such as axe appeared. Revenge was the motive. Another mysterious character, a gas masked man appeared in the tunnel. Who was he ? I was looking for an answer to the why and who as well as a twist in the movie. In the end, I am glad that the movie did reveal them.

It may be a bit illogical especially when a teen kept appearing in the tunnel whenever the main actress was alone. In fact, the teen was supposed to be the younger self of the main actress. It may be a spirit who tried to get her to recall her past memory or it could be an illusion.  There were also some flashbacks which explained some of the puzzling questions at the end of the show.

Creativity such as a flying photo was introduced in the movie since there was another movie version in 3D. Unfortunately, I get to watch only the 2D version, otherwise, it would have been an effective visual treat. I shall give this movie a rating of 3/5. The movie will be out in the cinema on the 11 June 2015. 


A group of friends are invited to the launching party of a luxurious resort in the mountains before it offi­cially opens for business. The party takes place at the nearby abandoned coal mine that is being turned into an experience hall. Just when the party gets into full swing, a strange man barges in declaring that they will all get killed by the curse, scaring everyone away.They return to the resort to find the strange man watching them and end up killing him by accident. They decide to throw away the body in the coal mine, but get caught inside the dark tunnels facing the buried horrors within.

Production Summary

Genre                    :              Horror, Thriller

Director                  :              Park Gyu-tek

Cast                       :              Jung Yu-mi, Yeon Woo-jin, Soung Jae-lim, Sung Si-yeon, Son Byong-ho


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Monday, June 8, 2015

World's largest photography competition, 2016 Sony World Photography Awards, opens for entries

  • New Art and Documentary genres in Professional competition
  • Record entries and exhibition visitors for 2015 awards
  • British Journal of Photography named media partner for Student Focus competition

(ASIA PACIFIC, 8 June 2015) – The 2016 Sony World Photography Awards, the world’s largest photography competition organised by the World Photography Organisation, are now open for entries.

Now in its ninth year, the awards are an authoritative voice in the photographic world. Each year they attract both emerging talent and established artists, and present the world’s best contemporary photography from the last 12 months. 

Free to enter at, photographers of all abilities are invited to submit their work to any of the awards’ five competitions: Professional, Open, Youth, National Awards and Student Focus. Please see Notes to Editors for competition definitions and categories.

New for 2016, the 14 Professional categories are now divided into two distinct genres - Art and Documentary. The change is to provide a clearer structure in which photographers can be recognised. Both genres also include new category additions, with Art presenting the new Staged and Candid categories and Documentary now including Daily Life and Environment.

Also new this year, British Journal of Photography (BJP), the world's longest-running photography magazine, will partner with the World Photography Organisation and its Student Focus competition. As part of this partnership, the winning Student Focus photographer will receive an online feature showcasing a body of work on the BJP website and will also have the opportunity to take over the magazine’s Instagram feed.

The Sony World Photography Awards offer a range of benefits to those who enter. Firstly, all submitted images are seen by juries made up of leading experts from across the photographic industry. Beyond this, shortlisted and winning photographers are given global exposure and recognition, and have the opportunity to promote and sell their work via the World Photography Organisation. 

The awards’ prizes include: the latest Sony digital imaging equipment, inclusion in the Sony World Photography Awards exhibition at Somerset House, London, inclusion in the 2016 awards’ book and $30,000 (USD) for the overall winners. 

In addition to the global Sony World Photography Awards, local countries in the Asia Pacific region such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, and many more are also holding a National Award where local winners will be flown to London to attend the Sony World Photography Awards Gala Ceremony. The winning image will also be exhibited at Somerset House, London. The National Awards programme honours and rewards the best single image taken by a local photographer and runs across the world from Argentina to Australia. It is open to photographers of all abilities.

The 2015 Sony World Photography Awards attracted 173,444 entries from 171 countries. The 2015 L’Iris d’Or / Professional Photographer of the Year title was awarded to Getty Images photographer John Moore. The awards’ annual exhibition of the winning and shortlisted works returned to Somerset House, London and saw a record 33,394 visitors last year. 

The Sony World Photography Awards shortlist will be announced on 23 February 2016 and overall winners on 21 April 2016, with an exhibition at Somerset House, London running from 22 April to 8 May 2016.

Winning and shortlisted images from the 2015 awards are available to download at

Further details about the Sony World Photography Awards and the World Photography Organisation can be found at and

Friday, June 5, 2015

Opening Ceremony fireworks for the 28th SEA Games 2015 Singapore (Video)

The excitement just landed in Singapore. One of the important regional sporting event took place in Singapore. The opening ceremony with the amazing fireworks was held at the new Singapore Sports Hub on the 5th June 2015.

Together with a group of my photographer friends, we waited eagerly for the fireworks to start it's first burst. Why was the first burst of firework important. Fireworks generate a lot of smoke. Smoke take time to disper. When you capture the first burst of fireworks, your photo will be literally smoke free. It will come to a time when you only see fireworks with smoke covering the sports hub and it's surrounding background. 

We did not arrive early ( about an hour early before the first burst of fireworks ), so we the last few people squeezed closely together with the other photographers at the far end of the Kallang river. A white tape stopped us from going further. But I was happy that I manage to get a good shot of the fireworks. 

I am not a landscape photographer so I do not regularly shoot landscape. I am an event, commercial and wedding photographer. In fact, I have never shot the sports hub from a distance. This was my first time. It looks good, I think I will shoot more of the sports hub in the eyes of a landscape photographer.

Back to SEA Games 2015. Do visit the website for more information on the schedule of the sports events. Join in the fun and I suppose a big sporting event celebration.

My video on the SEA Games 2015 fireworks

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Fuji Xerox PC Show 2015 offer

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sony Launches Ultra-Compact External Storage Drive for Consumers


  • Ultra-compact and light: Dimension of 78.2 x 37 x 9.4 mm and weighing at 35g
  • Stylish and robust: Hairline-finish aluminium casing
  • High speed transfer rates: Max. 450MB/s* reading speed                              

(SINGAPORE, 2 June 2015) – Sony is proud to introduce the first external solid-state drive (SSD) that is made for consumer use. This stylish, ultra-compact and ultra-high speed SSD is as small as a credit card, weighs at just 35g, and is only 9.4mm thick, allowing you to bring your data and files along with you wherever you go.

Featuring a stylish and durable metal body with anti-scratch hairline finish, the new external SSD is so aesthetically pleasing, it is bound to impress your friends and colleagues. Available in two different colours, cool silver and noble black, you’ll always want to flaunt it around, even when the device can be safely parked in your pocket.

Separately, busy people will also appreciate its lightning speed transfer rate of up to 450MB/s in reading mode, as well as USB3.0 compatibility, so you won’t have to wait long for your files to be completely transferred. 

The new SSD comes with two storage capacities – 128GB and 256GB – giving you more than enough room to store and organise all your photos, videos, music, documents, and more. With added features such as Password Protection Manager, your precious files will always be safe and secure, even if the external drive falls into the wrong hands. Backup Manager, on the other hand, lets you backup data directly from your PC or laptop, saving you valuable time and making the process even easier to manage. 

The SL-BG1 (128GB capacity) and SL-BG2 (256GB capacity) will be available at all Sony Stores and authorised outlets from July onwards, at a recommended retail price of S$199 and S$299, respectively.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Celebrating Vesak Day 2015

Singapore has a multi-racial, multi-religion country. Today, 1st June 2015, Singapore celebrates Vesak Day.

Vesak Day is the most significant day of the year in the Buddhist calendar and is celebrated by Buddhists the world over. The day commemorates the birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha and is a day of immense joy, peace and reflection.

The Vesak Day celebration happened in most of the temple around Singapore. I remember in 2012, I visited one of the biggest temple, Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery. The photographs were taken in 2012 in the temple.

Different country celebrates Vesak Day on different day. Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Singapore have it on the 1 June 2015. Countries such as China have it on the 25 May 2015 while Malaysia was on 3 May 2015. The source of this information comes from Wikipedia

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