Wednesday, June 10, 2015

THE TUNNEL 터널 《隧道惊魂》 Movie Review

The name of the movie already excites me. The build-up of the story was a bit slow. Everything seems normal with a group of gorgeous looking men and women having fun at an incomplete holiday resort built around an old inactive coal mine.

In fact, the horror thriller started when a mysterious old miner try to warn and chase the party goers away. At the same time, many questions started forming in my mind. Logical deduction engine got into action. Mr. Who and Mr. Why came along. In any of those classic thriller / horror movie, the members of the group started getting killed one after another. Favourite weapon such as axe appeared. Revenge was the motive. Another mysterious character, a gas masked man appeared in the tunnel. Who was he ? I was looking for an answer to the why and who as well as a twist in the movie. In the end, I am glad that the movie did reveal them.

It may be a bit illogical especially when a teen kept appearing in the tunnel whenever the main actress was alone. In fact, the teen was supposed to be the younger self of the main actress. It may be a spirit who tried to get her to recall her past memory or it could be an illusion.  There were also some flashbacks which explained some of the puzzling questions at the end of the show.

Creativity such as a flying photo was introduced in the movie since there was another movie version in 3D. Unfortunately, I get to watch only the 2D version, otherwise, it would have been an effective visual treat. I shall give this movie a rating of 3/5. The movie will be out in the cinema on the 11 June 2015. 


A group of friends are invited to the launching party of a luxurious resort in the mountains before it offi­cially opens for business. The party takes place at the nearby abandoned coal mine that is being turned into an experience hall. Just when the party gets into full swing, a strange man barges in declaring that they will all get killed by the curse, scaring everyone away.They return to the resort to find the strange man watching them and end up killing him by accident. They decide to throw away the body in the coal mine, but get caught inside the dark tunnels facing the buried horrors within.

Production Summary

Genre                    :              Horror, Thriller

Director                  :              Park Gyu-tek

Cast                       :              Jung Yu-mi, Yeon Woo-jin, Soung Jae-lim, Sung Si-yeon, Son Byong-ho


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