Friday, May 29, 2015

Youtube Fanfest 2015 Shining Stars walking down the red carpet ( Video )

It was a night of glamour and excitements. The Youtube red carpet brings both local, regional and United States Youtube stars together in Singapore. Screaming fans and eager mobile phone contingent leaning against the fence to get a closer view of their beloved stars.

As the stars descended down the red carpeted staircase, waving fans stretch their handphones to have their photos taken with the stars whether it was going to be selfie or wefie. Frantic fans welcome the stars while big security men in dark shirts stand close to ensure the safety of the stars.  

The two comperes provided a brief interview with the stars just before they walk down the red carpet. The stars looked so different from the casual attired day at the media press conference a day before.  Honestly, they really shine like stars after all Youtube is a global channel. If you are famous in Youtube, you are shining stars.

At the end of the event, the effect of screaming fans still linger in my mind. Unfortunately, I was not invited to enjoy and support the stars performance on 23-24 May 2015. Hopefully, I get to be invited for all the events of Youtube fanfest in 2016. See you in 2016. 

Check out my video at : 

Finally, we were happy meeting our stars. 

New Wireless Speakers & Sound Bars from Sony

Sony is excited to announce a new range of new wireless speakers and sound bars:

Wireless Speakers
Enjoy Hi-Res Audio (up to 192kHz/24bit) for spacious, richly-textured original sound with precision and details. Sony’s new range of home wireless speakers offers you unspoiled, vocal clarity, tone balance across low, mid and high frequencies, and stable sound quality even at peak volumes. The SRS-X99, SRS-X88, and SRS-X77 also support Bluetooth® and NFC One-touch for wireless listening even without a Wi-Fi network. S-Master HX™ digital amp technology is available to reduce distortion and noise across a wide frequency range to provide a rich and full-bodied sound. Your music can also be upscaled to near high-resolution sound quality with the DSEE HX™ so that it sounds like you’re in a real studio recording or sitting through a live performance. Thanks to Sony’s new LDAC™ audio technology for high-quality wireless audio via Bluetooth®, you’ll also be treated to an enhanced wireless listening experience altogether.

The new portable wireless speakers (SRS-X55, SRS-X33, SRS-X11) not only deliver great audio quality, but also sportincredibly stylish designs. Combining the DSEE HX™, S-Master HX™  and ClearAudio+™ technologies, you’ll be sure to enjoy rich, natural, balanced sound that’s true to the recording. Simply make a quick, one-touch connection via NFC to your smart device or PC, and you’re ready to bring your music wherever you go.

As part of its mid-year promotion from now to 28 June 2015, Sony will be offering these bundle promotions :

Recommended Retail Price
Mid-Year Bundle Price Promotion
Receive a Free High-Resolution Music Download Card
Receive a Free High-Resolution Music Download Card
Receive a Free Deezer Card
Receive a Free Deezer Card
Receive a Free SRS-X33 Carrying Case
Buy 2 for $148.50

Sound Bars
Want an immersive cinematic surround sound that meets outstanding High-Resolution Audio? Look no further as Sony’s new range of sound bars are here to impress. Both the HT-ST9 and HT-NT3 sound bars features the S-Force PRO Front Surround Sound technology that naturally emulates three-dimensional sound fields so you can enjoy rich, high-fidelity audio across a wide listening area. On the other hand, 2.1-inch sound bars (HT-CT780, HT-CT380, and HT-CT180) have brilliant space-saving designs that are perfectly sized for a subtle fit beneath a large screen TV. They offer a wide soundstage across 2.1 channels, so that you’ll enjoy great audio wherever you sit.

STR-DN1060 A/V Receiver
Get ready to awaken your senses with exciting new levels of home entertainment brought about by the STR-DN1060.An immersive viewing experience is merely a connection away, with both HDCP 2.2 and MHL 3.0 support for viewing of content from 4K broadcasts as well as smartphone connections. There’s also 4K upscaling for HD sources, and with High-Resolution Audio you can bring the experience of live music to your living room.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sony Bravia Meets Android TV ( Video )

Media Invite

Sony announces the line-up of Bravia 4K LCD and Full HD TV which will be available from  June 2015 onwards. From 32 to 75 inches in size with superior picture quality, super slim, new models and awesome features.

The models are built with a new 4K Processor X1, which ensure clarity, colour accuracy and contrast of the Sony 4K viewing experience. Take a look at the video 

The Power of X1 4K Processor

In addition, the advanced 4K X-Reality Pro provides upscaling algorithm technology analyses content and upscale them to 4K resolution, providing the best image quality, regardless of source material. 

Trilumios Display further enhance the colour accuracy. It also supports Google's latest Android TV operating system such as Google Play, Google Cast, Voice Search and Photo Sharing Plus. ( Different models have varying features )

The flagship model X9400C, X-tended Dynamic Range Pro, has the largest screen at 75 inches, enhanced by the new 4K process engine to produce the best contrast - capturing every shade of light. The powerful front-facing speakers produce clear dialogue and deep bass while supporting Hi-Res Audio to compliment the 4K picture. 

Here are the new models TVs both 4K and FHD.

X9000C Series, X9300C, X9400C (flagship), X8500 Series, X8300C Series,

W850C series, W700C series, R550C

Check out the Sony link for more information on the 2015 TVs 


I have personally viewed the 4K TV during the media press conference. The screen is clear and life like. The contrast is just perfect. Honestly, Sony does make very good TV. A music piece was played during the demo. Initially, I thought it was from some high end audiophile system. It was actually from the build-in speakers. Most of the time, build-in speakers in the TV are basic speakers. You need to have a audio system connected to it. But for this high end 4K TV, Sony have incorporated their high-res audio speakers system into their TV. It will save a lot of space and will make your living room or bedroom look more spacious and stylish. 

Check out the video for more information. Do check out my video that was created during the media press conference. 

Sony Bravia Meets Android TV

Another Sony Video released in Janaury 2015

Google Cast

Google Play

Voice Search

Photo Sharing Plus

Video and Photos created for during the media press conference on 14 May 2015. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Youtube Fanfest 2015 Press Conference ( 21 May 2015) (Video)

Media Invite

Youtube Fanfest is back once again in Singapore starting from 22 -24 May 2015. Over the weekend, you will be assured with live shows, fireside chats, academies, creative workshops and lots of fun. In fact, there will be more youtubers present in this year youtube fanfest.

You will have a chance to rub shoulders with your favourite local and international Youtubers such as Wong Fu Productions, Kurt Hugo Schneider, Naomi Neo, The Fung Brothers, BubzBeauty, Night Owl Cinematics,Dee Kosh and many more.

The speaker talk about the first youtube video. It was nostalgic. Here is the video.

At the press conference, youtubers stars touches on the topics on working with brands and how they feel about it. Munah & Hirzi mentioned that they have no problems with brands and social media worked well with brands. This year, Hewlett Parkard (HP) sponsored the youtubers stars for the Singapore youtube fanfest. It will not be possible without a sponsorship. 

Views shared by Youtubers stars such as those from US, The Fung Brothers and Timothy Delaghetto mentioned about Asian identity representing America was a bit difficult. Timothy added that Asians in America media were portrayed as nerds or kung-fu expert which he said that it was not like that. It was through Youtube, Asian Americans show that they can rap, sing and act. That will help to change the perception of the American community on Asians especially Asian American. 

The stars were jovial. Do click on the video which I have created and enjoy more of their views and opinions. 

Here is the exciting schedule from Youtube Fanfest 2015  website

Saturday 23rd

1200 to 1530 FanFest Workshops

1600 to 1800 Saturday Main Show (International showcase)
Featuring: All India Bakchod (IN) / BubzBeauty (HK) / Jason Chen (US) / Kurt Hugo Schneider (US) / Macy Kate (US) / The Fung Brothers (US) / Tiffany Alvord (US) Timothy DeLaGhetto (US) / Wong Fu Productions (US)

*Line-up subject to change. Limited seats available for the only performance that is open to the general public. Entry to the Ground Theatre is limited by space restrictions so get there early to avoid disappointment.

1900 to 2100 Saturday Second Show (sorry, this is full)

Sunday 24th

1100 to 1600 Meet & Greets

1500 to 1800 Sunday Main Show (ASIA ROCKS)

Featuring: BBTran (VT) / Bie The Ska (TH) / Gentle Bones (SG) / Jakarta Beat Box (ID) / JinnyBoyTV (MY) / Jianhao Tan (SG) / cheokboardstudios (SG) / Benjamin Kheng (SG) / Grizzle Grind Crew (SG) / Last Day Production (ID) / Munah & Hirzi (SG) / Naomi Neo (SG) / Night Owl Cinematic (SG) / Noah Yap (SG) / PaperbugTV (PH) / ShiGGa Shay (SG) / Tosh Rock (SG) / Wah Banana (SG) / Yeah1TV (VT)

*Line-up subject to change.

FanFest Workshops details

Saturday 1200 to 1330 – The StyleHaul & Benefit Cosmetics FanFest Beauty Workshop with BubzBeauty and friends
Ever wanted to make your own beauty videos or want tips to make them look even better? Have you ever wondered how you can get over 1 MILLION subscribers? Did you know that you can build a business from making videos on YouTube? Find out the answers to these questions and more at the StyleHaul & Benefit Cosmetics FanFest Beauty Workshop (Ticket holders have to register)

Saturday 1400 to 1530 – The FanFest Comedy Workshop featuring Wong Fu Productions, Timothy DeLaGhetto and All India Bakchod

The producers of some of the world’s funniest videos are in Singapore and they’re willing to tell you how they do it! Production tips, social networking know-how and tales from a life on the road. Get up close and personal to some of the funniest producers on the planet! (Ticket holders have to register)

Have you bought your ticket ? 

Do check out here on the ticket purchasing. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

CONJURING SPIRIT 《鬼宅》 Movie Review

Media Invite

Lan, a detective fiction author could not bear the pain due to her husband’s betrayal and decided to leave home and moved to a rented apartment in an old building with her 5 year-old son, Bi. Among her neighbors, there was Thao, who’s living with her husband and their stubborn teenage daughter, Ngoc. Soon after, Vu – an amateur musician, also moved into the building.

The trauma caused by her husband’s betrayal affected Lan badly and resulted in many nightmares. She consulted a therapist and was put on a medication. One day, Bi was given a music box by Mrs. Chu, the building supervisor, and since then, the nightmares became more rapid.

Lan and her neighbor Vu attempted to solve the mysteries happening in the building, and realized that the strange happenings originate from the music box…

Who is the true owner of the music box? Could it be a malicious spirit seeking revenge or otherwise?


VAN M. PHAM - Director
Van Pham graduated at Washington State University with a BA in TV Broadcast Productions and received his MFA in Film and Television from Chapman University. As winner of the ABC-Komo4 Fisher's Broadcasting Scholarship, he went abroad to study film and production at the University of Wales, where he produced a short documentary, A Different Corner, which was screened and honored at numerous film festivals.

He is the director of Beyond the Mat (2013) which was an official screenplay selection for some film festivals such as Tribeca Film Festival All-Access Program, Vietnamese International Film Festival, and Asian American International Film Festival. Beyond the Mat also won "Best Sports Film" at the Canada International Film Festival.        
Van M. Pham is the co-producer of the horror thriller "Spirits – Oan Hon".

CONJURING SPIRIT is the first film of Van M. Pham since he decided to enter the cinema of Vietnam.

GABRIEL J. LEWIS - Director of Photography
Gabriel and Van Pham collaborated together in the film Beyond the Mat of Van Pham. Gabriel has agreed to give up some other movies in the United States to cooperate with Van Pham for their first movie in Vietnam. Gabriel has worked in the photography team of many large movie projects in Hollywood such as Thor, Inception, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, and Transformers.

With professional experiences and empathy in producing film with the director, Gabriel promises to give a combination of experiences of Hollywood entertainment and features of life in Vietnam for CONJURING SPIRIT.



Been working in the entertainment industry from a very young age and gained a lot of success includes Golden Award - Vietnam Super Model 2012, Phuong Mai has made unforgettable impression on the runway. 

Phuong Mai’s character is Lan, a 30-year-old detective fiction writer who has just separated from her husband. To overcome this pain, Lan takes her 5-year-old son Bi away from home and rents an apartment in an old building to start a new life. 


As an actor who has made his name in the 90s, while most of his colleagues have quit acting, Hoang Phuc still has a position in Vietnamese audience’s heart by his impressive roles in films such as Clash, Chinatown...


With a handsome face and acting skills he learned at Korea National University of Arts, Quang Su is now considered the first choice for male leading roles, especially when he has won over many candidates to play along "the king of the box office" Thai Hoa in Fool For Love 2. 

Quang Su's character is Vu, a 30-year-old talented and humorous musician, son of a rich family always wants to be independent. 


Hoai An has work in the cinema industry from an early age and she has been one of the audience’s favorite actresses. Since she was young, Hoai An has been assigned roles that are older than herself, and that "favor" has helped Hoai An gain a lot of valuable experiences. 


Known as a hot girl and a teen model, but now, Chi Pu has gradually made a name for herself as a talented girl with a large amount of young fans. 

Chi Pu’s character is Ngoc, a 16-year-old stubborn teenage girl. 


Tien Pham is a Vietnamese American. He has been participating in a number of television series and movies in the United States. 

Tien Pham’s character is Cuong, a 35 wealthy architect, amorous, ex-husband of Lan. He had an affair with his secretary and Lan detected. 


This is the first time I am watching a Vietnamese produced horror movie. In fact, I have never watch a Vietnamese produced movie if my memory did not fail me. I do have the same feeling as the others who have watch this show. The feeling is like watching a Thai produced horror movie. 

This horror movie borrowed a number of things from other horror movies from Japan, Thailand, Chinese and even from Hollywood movie. Unborn child, ghost crawling, body buried in unnatural location, unsettled Spirit, unexpected ending twist, mysterious musical box, shocked treatment ( although it did not have much effect on me ), mediumship ( bridging the communication gap between the living and dead ), young child ability to communicate with the dead and humour, all brought together to roll out this movie into a reasonably good watchable movie.

The photography and scenes were exceptional impressive given that the Director of Photography, Gabriel, have worked on many famous movies as stated earlier on the profile of Gabriel. One interesting thing is that most of the background scenes are full of texture such as dirty and old wall, interesting wooden bathtub, old but interesting structured building and home decoration. Even the hospital seem to have a lot of texture on the wall and background. Lighting is great since it is a horror movie. 

Mysterious settings such as the musical box further enhances the horror theme of the  movie. The main character, Lan, somehow I felt, bare a keen resemblance to the pop singer, Rihana. The acting is good especially Lan and Thao. But the 5 years old boy was truly the star of the show whom charm me with his adorable role.  

The movie started showing on the 14 May 2015. I shall give the movie a rating of 3/5. If you need some shocks and mysterious moments, grab a ticket and popcorn and enjoy a reasonably good show. If you think you are going to have  weak legs after the show, do go with someone who can help you up your seat when the movie ends.