Monday, September 19, 2016

New Courtroom drama BULL starting from 21 September 2016 on RTL CBS Entertainment Channel

RTL CBS Entertainment is available on Singtel Ch 318 & StarHub Ch 509

I was fortunate to catch the exclusive screening of BULL drama series recently at the SCREENING ROOM. I was told that I was one of the first few people in Asia to watch it. Glad to be invited for BULL Premiere ( Episode 1 ). All I can say that it was truly an exciting courtroom drama which does get your senses working hard during the show. The first episode is packed with surprises. 


Michael Weatherly (Dr. Jason Bull)
Freddy Rodriguez (Benny Colon)
Geneva Carr (Marissa Morgan)
Jaime Lee Kirchner (Danny James)
Annabelle Attanasio (Cable McCrory)
Chris Jackson (Chunk Palmer)

Executive Producers: Mark Goffman, Paul Attanasio, Dr. Phillip C. McGraw, Steven Spielberg, Justin Falvey, Darryl Frank, Jay McGraw, Rodrigo Garcia (pilot only)


BULL stars Michael Weatherly as Dr. Jason Bull in a drama inspired by the early career of Dr. Phil McGraw, the f ounder of one of the most prolific trial consulting firms of all time. Brilliant, brash and charming, Dr. Bull is the ultimate puppet master as he combines psychology, human intuition and high tech data to learn what makes jurors, attorneys, witnesses and the accused tick. Bull employs an enviable team of experts at Trial Analysis Corporation to shape successful narratives down to the very last detail. They include his quick-witted former brother-in-law, Benny Col√≥n, a lawyer who acts as defense attorney in the company’s mock trials; Marissa Morgan, a cutting-edge neurolinguistics expert from the Department of Homeland Security; former NYPD detective Danny James, the firm’s tough but relatable investigator; haughty millennial hacker Cable McCrory, who is responsible for gathering cyber intelligence; and Chunk Palmer, a fashion-conscious stylist and former All-American lineman who fine tunes clients’ appearances for trial. In high-stakes trials, Bull’s combination of remarkable insight into human nature, three Ph.D.’s and a top-notch staff creates winning strategies that tip the scales of justice in his clients’ favor.



Mark Goffman, Paul Attanasio, Dr. Phillip C. McGraw, Steven Spielberg, Justin Falvey, Darryl Frank, Jay McGraw and Rodrigo Garcia are executive producers. The series is produced by CBS Television Studios and distributed internationally by CBS Studios International.

About BULL

From special agent to trial consultant
Michael Weatherly of NCIS plays Dr.Phil-inspired character in new series

Michael Weatherly may have said goodbye to his role as Special Agent Anthony Dinozzo on NCIS, but his new role does not take him far from the twists and turns of the justice system.
After playing the role of a senior field agent in 13 seasons of NCIS, Michael Weatherly is taking the lead in the brand new show BULL.
“I’m gonna miss his repressive sense of humor, what I won’t miss is wearing that gun, that was uncomfortable,” Weatherly said about his NCIS character during an interview.
BULL takes inspiration from the early career of Dr. Phil McGraw, co-founder of top trial consulting firm Courtroom Sciences, Inc. (CSI), which has provided trial consulting services for Fortune 500 companies as well as talk show host Oprah Winfrey.
“It’s been amazing to play a character who is all about human connection, he’s about finding out why we do the things we do, but he’s also about getting to the truth of something,” Weatherly said in another interview.

Courtroom drama
In this new series, Weatherly shifts from law enforcement to trial analytics. His character, trial consultant Dr. Jason Bull, does everything to get the justice his clients deserve.
“What’s fascinating about the whole world of trial analytics and the sciences of it is that they’re looking at things that you don’t think about,” Weatherly said.
“He (Dr. Bull) looks at a jury trial and looks at the identities of everybody involved from the judge to the attorneys, to the jury, and the witness and defendant, and he figures out what everyone’s thinking,” he added.
The doctor is perfectly aware that the 12 ordinary people making up a jury have the power to decide a person’s fate at court. He also knows that these jurors possess a preconceived notion of the truth. That’s why the key to winning a trial is by winning over the jury.

Behind the scenes
Dr. Bull further understands that even the tiniest details such as relationship status, clothes, and hairstyle can turn the court against the defendant. To avoid an unfavorable outcome, he works with a team of experts to make sure that his clients are on their best behavior and will say the right things at the witness stand.
His staff includes a lawyer who acts as defense attorney in mock trials, a neurolinguistics expert who used to be a part of the Department of Homeland Security, a former detective from the New York Police Department, a haughty millennial hacker, and a fashion stylist.
“What this show really looks at are the choices that we make, and who we think we are versus how other people think we are, and it starts to get to a hall of mirrors. It takes very complex people to figure out complex people,” Weatherly said.

BULL also stars Freddy Rodriguez (Ugly Betty, Six Feet Under), Geneva Carr (Rescue Me, Law and Order: Criminal Intent), Annabelle Attanasio (The Knick, House M.D.), Chris Jackson (Oz), and Jaime Lee Kirchner (The Mob Doctor, Mercy) along with Weatherly.



Sunday, September 18, 2016

ASUS launches ZenFone 3

On 26 August 2016, ASUS launched ZenFone 3 plus two other ZenFone 3 models namely Deluxe and Ultra.

ZenFone 3 Award-winning, feature-packed 5.2 and 5.5-inch smartphone brings agility, beauty, clarity and empowering performance to everyone.
key points
  • Exquisite new all-glass-covered design with contoured edges and sandblasted aluminum frame is recipient of a 2016 Computex d&i Award
  • World’s first smartphone to use 14nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor with 4GB RAM to deliver empowering performance.
  • Feature-packed specifications include Full HD IPS display, 16MP camera with TriTech auto-focus, rear fingerprint sensor and 802.11ac MU-MIMO Wi-Fi
ASUS ZenFone 3 will be available in two variants, 5.2” and 5.5”. The retail price (without contract) is
SGD 398 and 498 respectively. It will be available from 27-Aug 2016 in the three Telcos – Singtel, Starhub and M1, all ASUS Authorized resellers and ASUS Brand Stores. 

ZenFone Deluxe Distinguished and desirable addition to ZenFone 3 family with a combination craftsmanship and brilliance with many world’s-first breakthroughs and achievements.
key points
  • World’s first all-aluminum-alloy smartphone to feature a beautifully minimalist, Zen-inspired invisible-antenna design
  • World’s first smartphone to be powered by the latest top-of-the-line 2.4GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor
  • World’s first smartphone to feature Sony’s highest-resolution camera sensor, the 23MP Exmor RS IMX318
  • World’s first smartphone to combine 6GB RAM with 256GB UFS 2.0 storage
  •  Fastest connectivity with 600Mbps Category 13 4G LTE modem with 3CA support and 802.11ac 2x2 MIMO Wi-Fi 
  • ASUS ZenFone 3 Deluxe will be available from Quarter 4 of the year.
    Retail price (without contract) will be announced in Quarter 4 during the official launch.

ZenFone Ultra Unrivaled multimedia smartphone designed for unlimited immersive entertainment features several world’s-first innovations
key point
  • Every aspect is designed for an immersive mobile multimedia experience
  • World’s first smartphone with a 4K UHD TV-grade video processor has a 6.8-inch Full HD display and ASUS Tru2Life+ for the ultimate video playback
  •  Class-leading audio with 5-magnet stereo speakers, NXP smart amp, Hi-Res Audio & world’s first smartphone implementation of DTS Headphone:X 7.1 virtual surround
  • Massive 4600mAh battery with Quick Charge 3.0 charges to 60% in 45 minutes and also functions as a power bank         
ASUS ZenFone 3 Ultra will be available at SGD $778 (without contract) from 27-Aug 2016 all ASUS Authorized resellers and ASUS Brand Stores. 

For more information on ASUS 
ZenFone 3, please click here
ZenFone 3 Deluxe, please click here
ZenFone 3 Ultra, please click here

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Singtel launches iphone 7 and 7 plus at Marina Bay Sands

First 10 customers in Singapore to buy a Singtel iphone 7 / 7 plus

I believe Singtel is the only telco company that consistently host the launch of Apple beloved iphone. It was an early morning event where iphone customers would have already registered online to buy an iphone. They were invited to this early morning event where they queue up to bring back their iphone. 

This is my second time covering this unique Singtel event. First 10 person in the queue will be up in the stage and Singtel will award for coming to the event.

Besides iphone registration, Singtel also introduces add-on for your iphone. You can get the information from this event. One of the Singtel add-on launch is the DataX3. Check out my blog on DataX3 by clicking here


Mr Wellson Lee, Singtel’s first iPhone 7 customer at Singtel’s iPhone 7 launch and congraluted by Mr. Yuen Kuan Moon, CEO for Consumer Singapore (Singtel). 

IT architect, Mr Wellson Lee, 38, was Singtel’s first iPhone 7 customer at the opening of its three-day launch event at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre. A Singtel customer for more than 10 years, Mr Lee purchased a Black  iPhone 7 and was also given a one-year ReadyRoam subscription for being the first in line.

There is a marked difference when I was covering the Singtel iphone 6S launch. Top ten iphone customers no longer need to stand at the 60 over counter to register their iphone ( see here for my previous blog post ). They have nice sofa seats to register their iphone 7 for the top ten. This shows how Singtel is always improving her services for her customers over every launches of iphone. 

Top ten customers get a sofa seat to register their iphone.

If you missed this iphone event launch, wait for the next Singtel's Apple iphone 7S launch. Hope to see you on stage as one of the top ten early buyer of iphone. See you soon. 

The media never fail to cover this Singtel iphone event over the years.  

Mr. Yuen Kuan Moon, CEO of Consumer Singapore congratulated one of the top ten customers for Singtel iphone 7.

Another side shot for the top ten customers for Singtel iphone 7 / 7plus 

Everyone getting ready to launch the iphone 7.

Rei Rei introducing add-on services Singtel Newsstand 

The new iphone 7, let's not dream about it, get it now from Singtel with their amazing plan. 

Well, I am getting my iphone 7 plus soon from Singtel. Is about time to upgrade from my humble iphone 4. What about you ?

Singtel mobile customers to enjoy triple the mobile data with DataX3

Customers will also be first in Singapore to experience WiFi Calling

Singapore, 16 September, 2016 – Singtel debuted its new mobile data add-on, DataX3, at its exclusive iPhone 7 launch event at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, today. With DataX3, customers will enjoy triple the mobile data allowance on their plans, for just S$9.90 a month.

Available to Singtel Combo Plan (Combo 2 and above) customers, DataX3 follows the launch of the DataX2 add-on that was first introduced earlier this year.

“We are always looking for innovative ways to give our customers more affordable data because mobile data has become essential to most Singaporeans for communicating, shopping, banking and entertainment. DataX2 has been extremely well-received and is very popular with our customers, leading us to create an even more attractive offer of DataX3. Now, customers can choose to get more value for their money by simply adding on DataX2 or DataX3, depending on their data consumption needs,” said Mr Yuen Kuan Moon, Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Singapore, Singtel.

DataX3 offers significant cost savings to customers. For example, a customer on a Combo 4 plan will have the option to top-up S$9.90 per month to get a total of 12GB of mobile data. It is available to new and re-contracting customers on eligible Combo Plans with a minimum subscription period of 24 months.

Customers can visit for more information.

WiFi Calling

Singtel also announced that it will offer WiFi Calling (also known as Voice over WiFi) to Singtel mobile postpaid customers from today. This service allows customers to make HD quality voice calls and send SMS via any local WiFi connection without the use of an app. The calls will switch seamlessly to the Singtel 4G network when users move out of WiFi hotspot coverage. The service is available at no additional cost.

“WiFi Calling is a network innovation which offers added convenience and an enhanced mobile experience to customers. Our customers can now have mobile coverage even in difficult to reach places such as basements and windowless rooms, as long as there is a WiFi signal. This service extends our extensive mobile network to cover a wider footprint and complements our ongoing efforts in delivering the fastest and widest 4G service in Singapore,” said Mr Yuen.

At launch, WiFi Calling will be available on select iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Sony Xperia smartphone models[1], with other devices to be supported in the coming weeks. To enjoy the service, customers will need to switch on the VoLTE, and WiFi Calling settings on their device and ensure that it is running the latest firmware or iOS. Calls and SMS messages made over WiFi will utilise the talk time and SMS bundles of customers’ mobile plans.
For more information, customers can visit

Singtel has the fastest and widest outdoor 4G speeds with the lowest latency rates in Singapore, according to IDA MyConnection SG survey results (Jan 2016 – June 2016) and IDA’s Nationwide Outdoor Service Coverage measurements (Q2 2016).
[1] iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, Samsung Galaxy S7 4G+, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 4G+ and Sony Xperia X


Combo Mobile Plans with DataX3

Combo 2

Combo 3

Combo 4

Combo 6

Combo 12

Call (minutes)












Total Data with DataX3






Price with DataX3


$62.90 +

$82.90 +

$102.90 +


*Applicable to new and re-contracting customers on eligible Mobile Combo Plans upon signing a two- year device agreement. Minimum subscription period of 24 months applies.



On June 25 1050, North Korea invades the South with the support of the Soviet Union. South Koren capital Seol falls in 3 days and the rest of the country above Nakdong River in a month. UN Command's Supreme Commander General MacArthur plans a landing operation at Harbor City Incheon, codenamed 'Operation Chromite', which has a success chance of 5000:1. However, securing Incheon is the only way to turn the tide of war.
Under MacArthur's order, special covert unit called 'X-Ray' infiltrates North Korean occupied Incheon and prepares clear the way for the UN force's landing operation. Captain Jang Hak-soo and 7 members of the unit disguise themselves as a North Korean Inspection unit and begin collecting vital intelligence. But when their cover is blown by the North Korean commander of Incheon Defense Command Lim Gye-jin, they only have one last chance to lead the UN force to the shores of Incheon. 

Casts and Productions

starring                            LEE Jung-jae, LEE Bum-soo, JIN Se-yeon and                                               Liam NEESON

    director                            John H. Lee
produced by                    CHUNG Tae-won
screenplay                      LEE Man-hee, John H. LEE
original screenplay          CHUNG Tae-won
adaptation                       KIM Jae-hwan, CHUNG Tae-won

producer                          YANG  Chang-hoon
cinematography               PARK Jang-hyuck
lighting                             PARK Jun-gyu
production design             CHOI Ki-ho
props                                JANG Suk-hoon (Taereung Prop warehouse)
set design                         SHIN Soung-woon (Human Art)
recording                          PARK Jong-kun (K.P.A)
makeup & hair                  JANG Jin (MASK)
special makeup                JANG Jin (MASK)
costume                           OH Sang-jin (Marumi)
editing                              Steve M. CHOE, KIM Woo-hyun 

music                               LEE Dong-june
choreography                  JEON Sang-joon, JEON Yu-joon (Plus)
special effects                  CHUNG Do-ahn (DEMOLITION)
visual effects                    MOON Byung-yong (UFO)
sound design                    PARK Jun-o (MOBY SOUND)
digital intermediate           KANG Sang-woo
                                                       (DEXTER THE EYE) 

co-producer                     Kyu C. LEE
world sales                       FINECUT and CJ Entertainment


I have always enjoyed war movies but this movie seems to touch me closer to my heart. Little known of these group of South Korean war heroes who signed up for the courageous penetration into the North Korean territory disguising themselves as North Korean inspection team to clear for a beach assault landing by the United Nation. Fame actor, Liam Neeson also borrowed his name and acting into this movie.

All three Korean actors, LEE Jung-jae, LEE Bum-soo, JIN Se-yeon are wonderful in their performance portraying their roles. I am a fan of Jin Se-yeon ( Flower in the Prison ) although she did not have a big role in this movie. The subject of family love, husband and wife love are reflected in this movie. With flashback of them make it a bit uneasy for our soft-heartedness. The most powerful flashback is at the end of the movie where those who volunteered for this dangerous mission, were being interviewed for the job. It was a flashback where we knew that the group of unsung heroes were dead by then and have successful help the UN forces in the landing operation. 

 It was a good movie. I shall give it a high rating of 4 / 5. Do watch it at the cinema for a better effect. In fact, the movie reminded me of Saving Private Ryan where there are emotional moments in a war film. Started showing in cinema from 15 September 2016. 


Behind The Scene