Monday, May 21, 2018

DBS signals time has come for new kind of banking

SINGAPORE, 15 May 2018 – DBS Bank, a leader in digital transformation, today signalled that the time has come for a new kind of banking. After more than a decade of establishing its Asia heritage with “Living, Breathing Asia”, DBS is evolving its positioning to “Live more, Bank less”. Its bold new brand promise reflects the belief that in the digital era, it needs to deliver banking that is so simple, seamless and invisible, that customers have more time to spend on the people or things they care about. 

Said DBS CEO Piyush Gupta, “In the last 10 years, we have successfully established ourselves as a leader in Asia banking. While we remain rooted to Asia, Asia is rapidly changing, like the rest of the world. With the ubiquity of the smartphone, the explosion of data and the rise of the sharing economy, customer behaviours are dramatically different from what they were before. Customers want a new kind of banking. Having made reimagining banking a priority in the last few years, we believe we are well-placed to personify and embody banking of the future.”

From leadership in Singapore to leadership in Asia

Over the last 50 years, DBS has established itself as a leader not just in Singapore but also in Asia.

From the time of its founding in 1968 – three years after Singapore became an independent nation – the bank has pioneered many firsts that have revolutionised the banking landscape.

Since the introduction of “Living, Breathing Asia” in 2006, DBS has also established itself as a leader in Asia banking:

  • Doubled the size of the bank. Between 2006 and 2017, DBS has more than doubled income to SGD 11.9 billion and nearly doubled net profit to SGD 4.39 billion.
  • More than tripled market capitalisation. At end 2006, DBS’ market capitalisation was close to SGD 20 billion; today, it is about SGD 75 billion, putting the bank among the top 40 most valuable banks globally.   
  • Only Singapore and Asian bank to be ranked among the top six wealth managers in the region; among the top five players for corporate banking.
  • Only Asian bank with a presence in three key axes of growth – Greater China, South Asia and Southeast Asia.
  • Recognised not only as “World’s Best Digital Bank” by Euromoney but also “Asia’s Best Bank” by esteemed publications such as The Banker, Euromoney, IFR Asia and Global Finance. Named “Safest Bank in Asia” by Global Finance for nine consecutive years. Topped the list of most valuable bank brands in ASEAN for six consecutive years with a brand value of USD 6.49 billion in 2018.

“Live more, Bank less” to define DBS’ next phase of growth

With the digital revolution, banking is being fundamentally redefined. At 50, DBS, like banking, is at a crossroads. The “Live More, Bank Less” ethos embodies the belief that the bank needs to remain at the forefront of change in the next 50 years.

“Live more, Bank less” encapsulates many aspects and DBS is intent on enabling its customers to:
  • Live hassle-free with invisible banking
    • Embedding banking in the customer journey. With its strong focus on weaving banking into the daily lives of customers, the bank has launched car, property and electricity marketplaces in the last nine months. Customers looking to buy or sell their car, rent a property or choose an electricity provider can now do so on the DBS website. DBS’ API-driven architecture and strong focus on human-centred design and user experience help make banking simpler and more seamless.   
    • Creating a bank that is always with its customers. With DBS iWealth, customers in Singapore and Hong Kong can manage, transact and trade via their mobile phones 24/7. In India and Indonesia, digibank is paperless, signatureless and branchless, and an entire bank in the phone.

 Seize life’s opportunities

  • Customers in Singapore and Hong Kong are provided insights to better seize investment opportunities with DBS iWealth. This includes having access to sophisticated portfolio and performance analysis, as well as curated research and investment views contextual to their portfolio or preferences.
  • SMEs with DBS BusinessClass have access to the latest market trends as well as a knowledgeable community of Asia’s business leaders, including venture capitalists and industry peers.
  • Chief financial officers and corporate treasurers can manage and project their cash positions at the click of a button with Treasury Prism, the world’s first online treasury and cash management simulation tool.

Live larger than themselves

  • Encouraging customers to live socially-conscious by making them more aware of various ways to do so.
  • Providing the next generation with opportunities to come together to create innovative solutions that solve sustainability issues.
  • Helping social entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life through grants, banking services, mentorship and by giving them a platform to share their work and pitch for funding. 

Brand campaign to kick off this week

 DBS will be rolling out a brand campaign in all its markets over the next two months, starting with Singapore this week. 

For more information on “Live more, Bank less”, please visit

At the event, it was a surprise for all the attendees, DBS have specially invited MICappella to entertain us. 

In addition, we took photo with fellow bloggers / influencers with the ubersnap Photo Booth. 

Friday, March 23, 2018

UMLand Grows Its Global Presence through The Biggest Design Competition in the World ( Video )

JOHOR BAHRU, 22 March 2018 – United Malayan Land Bhd (UMLand), an award-winning property developer which prides itself on creating world-class lifestyles that complement the modern community, continues to expand its international presence through its latest involvement in The Apartment: Passion for Design reality competition show for the second consecutive year, as one of the major sponsors. 

The Apartment, which is the premier design competition show in all of Asia, is a highly addictive television series showcasing passionate amateurs who must brave razor-thin budgets and exacting time-frames to create stunning one-of-a-kind rooms in developments throughout South-East Asia – all under the watchful eyes of International Design Superstar and Principal Judge Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. 

The show is back for the sixth season and this year features one of UMLand’s most established townships, UMLand Seri Austin. It also includes the biggest prize in the series’ history – the deed to a luxurious apartment at D’Lagoon worth over USD 140,000, which is UMLand’s latest luxury development by the lake in Iskandar Malaysia. 

D'Lagoon luxurious apartments. Photo provided by organiser. 

The exciting series was also filmed at one of the luxurious double-storey semi-detached houses at Aster 2, UMLand Seri Austin. The location sponsorship provided an opportunity for the 12 talented contestants and the judging panel of esteemed celebrity designers to experience living at the First Smoke-Free Town Park and the First Smart Healthy City and Communities Township throughout the 10-week filming period.

Aster 2, Photo provided by organiser

“The strategic partnership with the reality series showcases the beautiful landscape of UMLand Seri Austin and Johor as one of the most liveable cities in the future to potential investors and buyers from around the world. It has also given us the opportunity to put UMLand on the international map once again as we reaffirm our sustainable developments that are of high global standards,” shared KK Wong, Chief Executive Officer of UMLand Seri Austin cum Group Director of Townships, UMLand.

"I am incredibly proud of our latest season of The Apartment” added Riaz Mehta, President of Imagine Group Entertainment, the producer of the Show. “Our cast is better than ever, with a fiery chemistry between them that will keep our viewers entertained every minute of the show as our budding designers do whatever it takes to succeed.   The show offers something for everyone - whether you just want to be entertained by the characters or inspired by amazing designs."

Contestants from various countries. Photo provided by organiser. 

The Apartment: Passion for Design features 12 talented contestants from various countries including Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines and more, who will compete to become the next interior design superstar. The Apartment: Passion for Design also features a judging panel of esteemed celebrity designers including returning international superstar Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen as principal judge, and award-winning designer and author Jamie Durie as returning host and mentor. This season also sees the introduction of two new judges, Filipina interior designer and influencer extraordinaire Cat Arambulo and Tyler Wisler, one of New York’s most influential and dynamic designers.

The Apartment: Passion for Design premieres on 22 March 2018, Thursday at 9pm (8pm JKT/BKK), on Sony Channel and Astro’s AXN channel 701 starting from 25 March 2018, every Sunday at 8.05pm. The reality competition show is presented by Dulux and supported by UMLand. The Apartment: Passion for Design is a Sony Channel Original Series created and produced by Imagine Group Entertainment, the leading entertainment production company in Asia.

Personal Note

Even though I have not watch the earlier seasons for this awesome reality show, but after watching the Season 6 episode 1, I find it interesting, and seriously look forward to see the rest of the episodes. It brings out characters, the hidden talents among these contestants who are in various occupation. To name some of the occupations, they are entrepreneur, photographer, fashion designer, make-up artist, beauty queen etc. Therefore, it is interesting to see how these non-professional designers bring ideas into their design which may even open the eyes of the judges. 

Besides the contestants, the presence of Principal Judge Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen does bring some joy to the show with his witty statements. Watch that...

Well, I am sure I am able to learn something from this exciting show in the coming weeks. 


About UMLand

UMLand is the award-winning Malaysian developer behind the successes of several residential townships and niche developments across the country. 

The company has two divisions handling Township Development and Niche Projects respectively. It also has a hospitality division that operates Suasana Suites serviced apartments and a construction division under UMLand Builders Sdn Bhd. 

With a strong track record spanning across two decades, UMLand continues to embrace excellence and innovation as its main tenets to drive growth. 

The Group, with over 1,800 acres of undeveloped land bank across Malaysia, aims to be a caring and responsible developer that not only builds quality property units for investors and homemakers, but also units that will see its value enhanced as the community grows and living standards improve. With advances in technology, UMLand is also embarking on building smart cities to complement the lifestyle needs of the modern community. 

In 2015, UMLand bagged the “Best Office Development Asia Pacific” at the International Property Awards in London for its flagship project the UMCity Medini Lakeside development. 

About Imagine Group Entertainment

Imagine Group Entertainment (“Imagine”) is a leading international TV Production company headquartered in Singapore. Amongst its hit TV productions are Fit for Fashion, The Contender Asia, The Biggest Loser Asia, The Challenger and The Apartment. Imagine’s shows have achieved success not just in Asia but also the USA, Australia, UK and Europe with distribution to over 40 countries worldwide and have received multiple accolades from industry and media, including an International Emmy Award nomination. 

Currently the ONLY production company in Asia that produces large scale ORIGINAL reality TV shows to an American production standard that are sold and formatted worldwide, Imagine has shows in production and development across a variety of genres including Music, Sport, Fashion, Lifestyle, Design, Magic and kids’ content. 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Meet the Nine Grand Finalists of Asia’s Got Talent Season 2 Vote for your Favourite Act Now!

SINGAPORE (December 7, 2017) The Asia’s Got Talent Season 2 Grand Final takes place tonight at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, and it’s promising to be the most thrilling night of the year. Fans have voted and judges have made their picks; so here are the nine grand finalists of this high-octane season:

  • Indonesian singer and harpist Angela July (#AGTVote2) impressed the judges so much that she received the first judges’ pick of the season. With her angelic harp and powerful vocals, Angela is this season’s singing sensation.  

    “Tonight, you were the very best version of yourself.”
    - David Foster.

  • Philippines’ beatboxer Neil Rey Garcia Llanes (#AGTVote6) returned this season determined to make it to the Grand Final. His awe-inspiring vocal percussion ability has made him a social phenomenon on Facebook and YouTube. 

    “I was very much impressed by you from the first season, but then you came back and stepped it up…I’m really hoping that you go very, very far.” - Anggun 
  • It takes a lot of work to sync his dancing with his visual art, but the hosts’ Golden Buzzer pick, Canion Shijirbat(#AGTVote8) from Mongolia delivered a truly unique performance in both of his auditions. Will he be able to take his performance to the next level in the Grand Final?  

    “I love unique…I love your brain and what you’ve created. Bravo!” - David Foster. 
  • Jay Park’s Golden Buzzer, Kyrgyzstan’s  ADEM Dance Crew’s (#AGTVote9) delivered yet again with a strong ‘Night in the Museum’ inspired performance that received a standing ovation from the audience. But facing strong competitors like DM-X, can ADEM emerge victorious? 

    “I got to give you props for how much you’ve sacrificed and go through for your craft, I got to give you props.”
    - Jay Park  

  • If there’s one act that truly represented this season of Asia’s Got Talent unpredictability, it would have to be Indonesian viral sensation The Sacred Riana (#AGTVote11). Her Asia’s Got Talent performance clips have been viewed over 70 million times on YouTube and Facebook globally, making her a hot favourite. 

    “I think I peed in my pants a little. Very unique. It was scary but was still entertaining at the same time. Great overall.” -Jay Park

  • Hailing from The Philippines, DM-X Comvalenoz (#AGTVote16) knows how to put on a show!  In the midst of rocking it out, they pulled a 180 to show us the feminine side of their group, performing a dance that was a perfect blend of sexy, glamour and class.

    “As far as the dance performance go, I think you guys have it all. You have the full package, you have everything. So good job!” – Jay Park.

  • Taiwanese child prodigy Feng E (#AGTVote19) received David Foster’s Golden Buzzer AND judges’ pick, making him a double threat. His talent is unparalleled in this competition but he faces a tough opponent in another judges’ pick, Angela July. It will be an epic battle for sure!
“If I could push the Golden Buzzer again, I would do it. There might not even be another person that could play the ukulele like you.” - David Foster
  • Representing Malaysia, illusionist Sobhi Shaker (#AGTVote23) has been declared the best magician that David Foster has ever seen. This Syrian refugee’s inspiring story and reason to win Asia’s Got Talent makes him one of the most compelling act to watch this season.

That performance was flawless, that was the best performance of the night. I have never experienced goosebumps during a magic performance. Thank you.” - Anggun
  • Flyers from the south, Philippines’ Urban Crew (#AGTVote24) gave 110% of their hearts and souls with an adrenaline pumping ninja-style dance, complete with inhuman jumps, flips and spins, straight out of an anime! The passionate crew is dancing for a cause, to help kids stay off the streets. 
“The stunts and moves are definitely the most difficult I have ever seen. You guys are world-class in my eyes.” - Jay Park

In the Grand Final episode, all nine grand finalists must give a performance of their lifetime without the help of the Golden Buzzer or judges’ pick. All nine acts will be up for public voting and only one act can win Asia’s Got Talent and the grand prize of US$100,000.  Voting opens from tonight until 13 December, 11:59pm, and fans can vote via Facebook Hashtag, Facebook Messenger and Google Search. For more information on voting, visit

Asia’s Got Talent Season 2 will culminate next Thursday, 14 at 8:30pm (7:30pm JKT/BKK) on AXN with the Results Show. To follow the journey of this season’s acts, check out #AXNAsia and #AsiasGotTalent.

Asia’s Got Talent is the 67th adaptation of the Guinness-World-Record-breaking hit “Got Talent” format, which was created by Simon Cowell’s Syco Entertainment and is co-produced by FremantleMedia. The “Got Talent” format is officially the most successful reality TV format in history and currently airs in 186 countries.

Asia’s Got Talent is supported by presenting sponsor Traveloka, the leading travel booking app for all flight and hotel needs; sponsoring partner Great Eastern Life, the market leader in the conventional life insurance business and the largest life insurer in Malaysia by asset size; and GoDaddy, the world's largest cloud platform dedicated to small, independent ventures.

Marina Bay Sands, Asia’s leading business, leisure and entertainment destination, is the official venue partner of Asia’s Got Talent.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Indonesia’s The Sacred Riana Scares Her Way into the Asia’s Got Talent Grand Final

Global sensation: Over 50 million views on Facebook and YouTube
SINGAPORE (December 1, 2017) Be afraid, be very afraid. AXN fans have voted and Indonesia’s most viral magician The Sacred Riana has made it to Asia’s Got Talent Season 2 Grand Final. The global sensation whose two performances on the show racked up a combined of over 50 million views on Facebook and YouTube impressed the judges and audience with her original, spine-chilling act.  Watch her semi-final performance here!

“Riana, it’s so unusual and it’s terrifying. And it’s impressive,” David Foster said.

“I think I peed my pants a little. Very unique. It was scary but was still entertaining at the same time. Great overall,” Jay Park praised the magician.

The Sacred Riana will join Jay Park’s Golden Buzzer ADEM who wowed the audience with their animated dance, and judge’s choice Taiwanese ukulele prodigy Feng E to perform at Marina Bay Sands next Thursday for the Grand Final Live.

The last two remaining grand finalists will only be revealed during the Grand Final episode next Thursday at 8:30pm (7:30pm JKT/BKK) on AXN. To follow the journey of this season’s acts, check out #AXNAsia and #AsiasGotTalent.

Asia’s Got Talent is the 67th adaptation of the Guinness-World-Record-breaking hit “Got Talent” format, which was created by Simon Cowell’s Syco Entertainment and is co-produced by FremantleMedia. The “Got Talent” format is officially the most successful reality TV format in history and currently airs in 186 countries.

Asia’s Got Talent is supported by presenting sponsor Traveloka, the leading travel booking app for all flight and hotel needs; sponsoring partner Great Eastern Life, the market leader in the conventional life insurance business and the largest life insurer in Malaysia by asset size; and GoDaddy, the world's largest cloud platform dedicated to small, independent ventures.

Marina Bay Sands, Asia’s leading business, leisure and entertainment destination, is the official venue partner of Asia’s Got Talent.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Empowering a savvy and mobile generation with the new Canon PIXMA TS307

As smartphones take on a greater role in everyday and business needs, the new Canon wireless multifunction device redefines the way we scan and copy documents through seamless smartphone pairing for versatile needs


SINGAPORE, 1 December 2017 - Canon today announced the launch of the PIXMA TS307, a wireless[1] printer designed for digital natives on the move with its ability to deliver high-quality printing, document scan and copy, through the convenient platform of smartphone technology.

“The PIXMA TS307 reflects Canon’s continuous efforts to incorporate innovative features in our product offerings through keen insights on the evolution of technology and consumer trends,” said Edwin Teoh, Head of Marketing, Singapore Operations, Canon Singapore. “Working spaces and habits are changing and smartphones are playing a vital role in our everyday needs and how we share content. The PIXMA TS307 was designed in a thoughtful manner to enable users to print their essential documents conveniently without the use of PCs or laptops.”

Going smart with mobile
Weighing just 2.9 kilograms, the compact PIXMA TS307 offers the convenience of mobility for users that are constantly on the move. Whether for work or leisure purposes, the new cost efficient PIXMA TS307 promises high quality prints.  

To complement the needs of a smartphone generation, the PIXMA TS307 transforms into a multitasking workhorse that produces high-resolution scans of A4 documents or pages from books when paired with a smartphone using the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app. To facilitate seamless scans, the stylish grid surface serves as a slip-resistant document scan table, on which documents or books can be placed flat before image capture with a smartphone camera. The edges of the scan subject are automatically detected, and images are optimized through the application for brightness and contrast before printing. Alternatively, images can be converted to PDF format and saved to the local library of the mobile device, cloud service, or sent over email.

The PIXMA TS307 is also equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for easy wireless setup, as well as the one-touch access point mode connectivity for uninterrupted connectivity with mobile devices in the absence of wireless routers. Rounding up the powerful suite of wireless connectivity options are AirPrint and Wireless Pictbridge, which further underscores that versatility and accessibility offered by the device. 

A dash of Augmented Reality with Message-in-Print
Imagine a heartwarming birthday greeting that carries voices and sounds from an actual celebration, or a photo postcard of a concert that emits the very tunes being played at the performance. The new Message in Print app[2] makes all these possible. Allowing for personalised messages with animations or links to web videos to be embedded in any photo, the meaningful surprise can be delivered simply through viewing the photo via the Message in Print app.

Low-cost ink cartridges with scalable options
The PIXMA TS307 is bundled with Canon’s efficient low-cost ink cartridges, PG-745S and CL-746S. With the capacity to print up to 100 pages in black and colour, these cartridges are the perfect solution for those seeking to print only on occasion. For high volume print environments, standard or XL ink cartridge options are also available.

Pricing and Availability
The PIXMA TS307 is currently available at all Canon authorised dealers at the recommended retail price of $59.

Specification Summary
PIXMA TS307 - Wireless Printer with Smartphone Copy
Product Dimensions (WxDxH)
430 x 282 x 143 mm (approx.)
Document ISO Print Speed
Approx. 7.7 ipm (B&W) / 4.0 ipm (colour)
Photo Print Speed
Approx. 65 seconds
Key Features

·         Smartphone copy
·         Low-cost ink cartridges
·         Borderless photo printing up to 4R
·         Supports wireless and mobile printing
·         Message in Print app

[1] Wireless printing requires a working network with wireless 802.11 b/g/n capability. Wireless performance may vary based on terrain and distance between the printer and wireless network clients.
[2] This app is only available on the App store for iOS devices.
Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. For more information on device compatibility, please visit the App Store.