Thursday, April 27, 2017

Manhunt Singapore 2017 ( Changing Lives ) Press Conference - 27 April 2017 ( Video )

I have previously attended Manhunt Singapore Press Conference in 2015. I was unable to attend the 2016 press conference but was fortunate enough to cover the Manhunt Singapore 2016 Final. Manhunt Singapore have been around for many years. It has long established itself as one of the important show in Singapore. 

This year, there are a total of 20 Manhunt finalists and 10 Senior Manhunt finalists. In fact, Manhunt is a wonderful platform for finalists to showcase their looks and physique. It also allow finalists to embark on a journey to develop themselves and be groomed into fine modern gentlemen. While writing this, something just struck me on a recent bully case of a 76 years old elderly man by a couple at the Toa Payoh Lor 8 Food Centre. The man ( bully ) banged the elderly man from the back which make his fall forward. A gentleman will never behave in this way. Lack of social grace have prompted such undesirable behavior in our society. I believe Manhunt help to create awareness of a well groom gentleman in our society. 

Each of the finalists are champions. The theme for this year edition is "Changing Lives". According to Manhunt Singapore, they wanted the finalists to understand, while the end product is important to look ahead to, what's more important is the process and the development phases that will shape and mould him for his life ahead. In fact, each of the finalists does have a unique story to tell. The story that have different elements which shape them into what they are today. 

Beam also teamed up with the alumni of Manhunt to set up a non-profit organisation called ManKind Ltd, to allow the alumni to gather and build a force of good in a world that increasingly needs it. The adopted charity for this year is Helping Joy Ltd - a Singapore registered non-profit organisation which helps the needy and elderly of Singapore regardless of race, religion or language, by bring a little joy into their lives.

I will be looking forward to the final of Manhunt Singapore 2017.

Check out my video for my blog

Check the video for the event by Fadhil Saad


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