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On June 25 1050, North Korea invades the South with the support of the Soviet Union. South Koren capital Seol falls in 3 days and the rest of the country above Nakdong River in a month. UN Command's Supreme Commander General MacArthur plans a landing operation at Harbor City Incheon, codenamed 'Operation Chromite', which has a success chance of 5000:1. However, securing Incheon is the only way to turn the tide of war.
Under MacArthur's order, special covert unit called 'X-Ray' infiltrates North Korean occupied Incheon and prepares clear the way for the UN force's landing operation. Captain Jang Hak-soo and 7 members of the unit disguise themselves as a North Korean Inspection unit and begin collecting vital intelligence. But when their cover is blown by the North Korean commander of Incheon Defense Command Lim Gye-jin, they only have one last chance to lead the UN force to the shores of Incheon. 

Casts and Productions

starring                            LEE Jung-jae, LEE Bum-soo, JIN Se-yeon and                                               Liam NEESON

    director                            John H. Lee
produced by                    CHUNG Tae-won
screenplay                      LEE Man-hee, John H. LEE
original screenplay          CHUNG Tae-won
adaptation                       KIM Jae-hwan, CHUNG Tae-won

producer                          YANG  Chang-hoon
cinematography               PARK Jang-hyuck
lighting                             PARK Jun-gyu
production design             CHOI Ki-ho
props                                JANG Suk-hoon (Taereung Prop warehouse)
set design                         SHIN Soung-woon (Human Art)
recording                          PARK Jong-kun (K.P.A)
makeup & hair                  JANG Jin (MASK)
special makeup                JANG Jin (MASK)
costume                           OH Sang-jin (Marumi)
editing                              Steve M. CHOE, KIM Woo-hyun 

music                               LEE Dong-june
choreography                  JEON Sang-joon, JEON Yu-joon (Plus)
special effects                  CHUNG Do-ahn (DEMOLITION)
visual effects                    MOON Byung-yong (UFO)
sound design                    PARK Jun-o (MOBY SOUND)
digital intermediate           KANG Sang-woo
                                                       (DEXTER THE EYE) 

co-producer                     Kyu C. LEE
world sales                       FINECUT and CJ Entertainment


I have always enjoyed war movies but this movie seems to touch me closer to my heart. Little known of these group of South Korean war heroes who signed up for the courageous penetration into the North Korean territory disguising themselves as North Korean inspection team to clear for a beach assault landing by the United Nation. Fame actor, Liam Neeson also borrowed his name and acting into this movie.

All three Korean actors, LEE Jung-jae, LEE Bum-soo, JIN Se-yeon are wonderful in their performance portraying their roles. I am a fan of Jin Se-yeon ( Flower in the Prison ) although she did not have a big role in this movie. The subject of family love, husband and wife love are reflected in this movie. With flashback of them make it a bit uneasy for our soft-heartedness. The most powerful flashback is at the end of the movie where those who volunteered for this dangerous mission, were being interviewed for the job. It was a flashback where we knew that the group of unsung heroes were dead by then and have successful help the UN forces in the landing operation. 

 It was a good movie. I shall give it a high rating of 4 / 5. Do watch it at the cinema for a better effect. In fact, the movie reminded me of Saving Private Ryan where there are emotional moments in a war film. Started showing in cinema from 15 September 2016. 


Behind The Scene

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