Friday, May 29, 2015

Youtube Fanfest 2015 Shining Stars walking down the red carpet ( Video )

It was a night of glamour and excitements. The Youtube red carpet brings both local, regional and United States Youtube stars together in Singapore. Screaming fans and eager mobile phone contingent leaning against the fence to get a closer view of their beloved stars.

As the stars descended down the red carpeted staircase, waving fans stretch their handphones to have their photos taken with the stars whether it was going to be selfie or wefie. Frantic fans welcome the stars while big security men in dark shirts stand close to ensure the safety of the stars.  

The two comperes provided a brief interview with the stars just before they walk down the red carpet. The stars looked so different from the casual attired day at the media press conference a day before.  Honestly, they really shine like stars after all Youtube is a global channel. If you are famous in Youtube, you are shining stars.

At the end of the event, the effect of screaming fans still linger in my mind. Unfortunately, I was not invited to enjoy and support the stars performance on 23-24 May 2015. Hopefully, I get to be invited for all the events of Youtube fanfest in 2016. See you in 2016. 

Check out my video at : 

Finally, we were happy meeting our stars. 

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