Friday, June 5, 2015

Opening Ceremony fireworks for the 28th SEA Games 2015 Singapore (Video)

The excitement just landed in Singapore. One of the important regional sporting event took place in Singapore. The opening ceremony with the amazing fireworks was held at the new Singapore Sports Hub on the 5th June 2015.

Together with a group of my photographer friends, we waited eagerly for the fireworks to start it's first burst. Why was the first burst of firework important. Fireworks generate a lot of smoke. Smoke take time to disper. When you capture the first burst of fireworks, your photo will be literally smoke free. It will come to a time when you only see fireworks with smoke covering the sports hub and it's surrounding background. 

We did not arrive early ( about an hour early before the first burst of fireworks ), so we the last few people squeezed closely together with the other photographers at the far end of the Kallang river. A white tape stopped us from going further. But I was happy that I manage to get a good shot of the fireworks. 

I am not a landscape photographer so I do not regularly shoot landscape. I am an event, commercial and wedding photographer. In fact, I have never shot the sports hub from a distance. This was my first time. It looks good, I think I will shoot more of the sports hub in the eyes of a landscape photographer.

Back to SEA Games 2015. Do visit the website for more information on the schedule of the sports events. Join in the fun and I suppose a big sporting event celebration.

My video on the SEA Games 2015 fireworks

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