Friday, May 6, 2016

Nabba Singapore Mortal Battle 2016

Female athletes at their best

The interest for bodybuilding competition in Singapore was superb. This was reflected in the recent Nabba Singapore Mortal Battle 2016. Even though it was held on a weekday, both supporters and athletes came from Indonesia and Malaysia in large numbers to compete for the title and cash awards. Athletes from Japan, Australia,  Middle East and India also came to compete. It was truly an Asian competition. 

As an official photographer for the event, I am glad to shoot so many awesome athletes on stage both men and women.  Thanks to the organiser for the opportunity. You may want to check out the Nabba Singapore website at : and Facebook site at :Nabba Singapore Facebook

Athletes  who may want to purchase any photos taken during event may proceed to

 Gold and tough looking Mortal Battle prized trophies for grab. 

 The beautifully designed Mortal Battle trophies 

 President Dennis Tew, Nabba Singapore together with the judging panels and event officials

Panels of Judges for the event 

Dr. Jeff, one of the sponsors for the event, presenting the prizes to winners.  

Eddie Ho, one of the judges for the event 

Large contingent of Indonesian team and supporters 

Myself and Blogger Christina together with his hubby photographer Winston (L-R)

Malaysia team winning big ! 

Athlete from India 

Nice Back 

Three Times World Champion Mr Ade Rai came to demonstrate his moves. It was an eye opening for the event. 

 Athlete from Australia

 Athlete from Japan

Athlete from Middle East 

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Watch for the coming bodybuilding competitions in Singapore. If you are looking to sign up for the competitions, please please see the poster below. 

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