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FINDING MR. RIGHT 2 : BOOK OF LOVE 北京遇上西雅图之不二情书 Movie Review


Following the success of the original film 'Finding Mr. Right' 《北京遇上西雅图》 in 2013, director-and-screenwriter, Xue Xiaolu 薛晓璐, returns with the original cast Tang Wei 汤唯 and Wu Xiubo 吴秀波with a new installment that tells a completely new story.

Jiao (Tang Wei) immigrated to Macau with her father since she was 15 years old and works as a public relations staffer at a casino in Macau. Daniel (Wu Xiubo) is a real estate broker based in Los Angeles. Fate comes into play when Jiao and Daniel stumble upon the book 84 Charing Cross Road. Out of f
rustrations, they each send an ambiguous letter to the book title’s address. Serendipity weaves its way and their letters reach each other, marking the beginning of their long distance communication. Through sharing their most personal and intimate self, they found relief and console from each other, and miraculously, a spiritual connection.

Director and Casts

Director-and-screenwriter, Xue Xiaolu 薛晓璐 is the writer of several acclaimed films from China, including Chen Kaige’s Together (2002), as well as a number of TV series. She made her directorial debut in 2010 with Ocean Heaven, a heartfelt and touching tale of fatherly love which starred Asian superstar Jet Li in his first non-action role. Ocean Heaven was selected as the Opening Film of the 13th Shanghai International Film Festival. 

Xue also won for Outstanding New Writer at the 14th China Huabiao Awards for the film’s screenplay. Her next film Finding Mr. Right (2013) was a huge commercial and critical success, earning RMB 519 million (US$79 million) in the China box office alone and making Is it destiny that brings people together, or is it accident?

Tang Wei (as Jiao)

Listed by the New York Times as one of the Best 15 Performers in 2007, Tang Wei appeared in numerous local TV dramas before she was handpicked by director Ang Lee from more than 10,000 actresses to play the role of a seductive spy opposite Tong Leung Chiu-Wai in the espionage thriller Lust, Caution (2007). The film’s worldwide success catapulted her to international fame almost overnight and her daring performance was unanimously praised by audience and critics. She was awarded the Best New Performer in the 44th Golden Horse Film Awards and the Chopard Trophy in the 61st Cannes Film Festival, while receiving nominations in the BAFTA Awards, Independent Spirit Awards, Chicago Film Critics Association Awards, etc. Her notable screen credit also includes Late Autumn (2010), Finding Mr. Right (2012), The Golden Era (2014) and Office (2015). Her remarkable performance in The Golden Era earned her Best Actress nominations at HK Film Awards, Golden Horse Awards and Asian Film Awards.

Wu Xiubo (as Daniel)

Considered to be one of the best actors in China, Wu is a multi-hyphenate whose talents also include music and producing. Wu graduated from the Central Academy of Drama in 1988 and made a name for himself playing the protagonist on Chinese TV drama Before the Dawn, for which he received several awards. Wu took a hiatus from film to pursue music in the late 90’s, releasing an album in 2000 which contained ten original songs. He returned to acting in 2002 and has built a reputation as a dynamic and multi-faceted actor. Wu has starred in many of China’s most popular and acclaimed TV dramas and is one of the highest paid actors working in Chinese television today. He also starred in Gordon Chan’s martial arts epic The Four trilogy (2012, 2013, and 2014).


An entirely new story with the same original casts of Tang Wei and Wu Xiubo. And together with the director, Xue Xiaolu, this movie is definitely more sentimental and bigger comedy than the previous 2013 movie. The movie was shot in three countries, USA - Las Vegas, UK and China - Macau. Quite a few times, I could not help but burst into laughter while watching the movie. There was also a heartwarming moment especially when Wu Xiubo took good care of the old couple even though he does have a motive. 

The movie focus on the two lovers' career, one as a property agent while the lady was a public relations staffer in a casino. Both had some difficulties faced in their job. How both got connected without knowing the true self of each other was a coincidence. Since it was related to a book, naturally, letter writing come into play. In today world, letter writing was deemed as slow and unproductive. With E-Book and email, it become fast and productive. 

The slow process of letter writing as a mean of communication does increases the love and eagerness of both parties. It was only when they met, the meaning of true love for each other set in. The movie also highlighted many scenes when both the lovers crosses each other path along the streets without noticing each other. A passionate movie especially for couple. 

The movie definitely cannot go wrong especially with all award winning stars as well as top-notch award winning director-screenwriter. I shall rate this movie 4/5. 

The movie started showing on the 5 May 2016 in the cinema around Singapore. 

Movie Trailer

Theme Song 《我曾经也想过一了百了》sang by Tang Wei

Theme Song 《等我遇见你》sang by Li Jian

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