Friday, August 28, 2015

WeChat Empowers its 600 Million Users with One Platform to Rule them All

Singapore, 26 August 2015 – WeChat recently announced that it has reached 600 million monthly active users (MAUs) globally as of the second quarter of 2015, achieving a 37 percent growth year-on-year and a 9.3 percent jump from its 549 million MAUs in the previous quarter (Q1 2015).

“We are excited to witness the increasing interest mobile messaging application users have in our platform,” said Poshu Yeung, Vice-President of the International Business Group at Tencent. “The potential for messaging platforms is boundless. These figures are a testament to our strong belief in the future of communication, and we are continually dedicated to delivering a holistic user experience for our users, be it through integrating services to provide a seamless online to offline experience all through one platform, or through the little things like keeping the user experience beautifully uncomplicated.”

The WeChat platform has seen much evolution in its lifespan, bringing its users greater convenience and more capabilities with each update. For instance, WeChat’s latest update now allows users to translate posts on Moments into their language of choice at the click of a button. From an application that offered basic services such as text, voice, and social messaging, the WeChat of today encapsulates messaging capabilities, social sharing, videos, and even brand pages and a marketplace (through Official Accounts).

The platform continues to innovate and enhance its offerings through collaborations with local and internationally known brands and products, such as the Apple Watch and its HealthKit feature. For example, users can now access WeChat via the Apple Watch, and also access their HealthKit data and challenge their friends to beat their scores through WeChat’s WeRun Official Account.

Locally, WeChat has collaborated with brands such as ZALORA, LAZADA, Easy Taxi, and Shangri-La through its Official Accounts, enabling users to book a hotel stay, call a cab, and shop all through one single platform. 

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