Wednesday, August 12, 2015

PARIS HOLIDAY (巴黎假期) Movie Review


Kit leaves Hong Kong for Paris with a broken heart, to start a new page of life and venturing into the wine business. Through real estate agent, Lau Chung, he finds a shared apartment with a weird tenant, Man, a desperate artist going through a bad breakup.

Man hates men after a devastating breakup, in order to get along with Man under the same roof, Kit pretends to be gay. At the beginning, Man’s eccentric and insane behavior gets onto Kit’s nerve, but after knowing Man’s heartbreaking past by chance, Kit decides to stay and teaches Man how to get over a failed relationship, as this is exactly what he has encountered in the past. Kit also helps Man ignites her passion for drawing, which allows Man to regain her confidence and balance in life. Soon, the two get closer and falls for each other.

One day, Man bumps into her ex-fiancé Fai, she is shocked but surprised that she no longer felt any pain - she has really overcome the past relationship with the help and support of Kit. Meanwhile, when Kit and Man are going to move a step forward, Kit’s ex-girlfriend comes to Paris causing misunderstandings which takes a toll on the relationship.


Starring : Louis Ko, Kuo Tsai-Chieh, Alex Fong, Janice Man, Jeremy Jones Tsui, Hu Jing, Candy Liu

Directed by : James Yuen


This endearing film is about love, its ups and downs, agony and bliss in all its complexity. But it is made simple by the relationship of a man, charismatically played by Louis Ko, and a woman whose challenging role is convincingly taken by Kuo Tsai-Chieh. Both were escaping from failed relationships and were thrown together in Paris in unexpected, awkward and sometimes humorous situations. 

Through the relationship emerge the lessons about love. In times when love is lost, support of friends is critical to your recovery. In our pursuit of success and material wealth, we often take for granted loved ones until they are gone. There are ‘devils and angels’ in relationships and you need to see them as a part and parcel of your life in order to move on. The director, James Yuen, has ably woven into the story poignant and tender moments, with a touch of romance thrown in. Set in Paris, with Eiffel Tower often as a backdrop, the film offers a glimpse of the enchanting city as well as the peculiarity of some Parisian neighbours.

For those in love, the film will bring them the warmth and comfort of having a ‘soul mate’, a point repeated in the story. For those not yet in love or unfortunate enough to be out of love, the film gives hope and a sense of maturity to take one step at a time and learn to enjoy each step taken with the people around you. I found this film well worth the time spent and enjoyed every moment of it.


I shall rate it at 4/5. The movie will be showing in cinema on the 13 Aug 2015. 


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