Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Food Tasting at Café Borsa

Located within the private housing estate and along the Changi Road, Café Borsa does seem like an ordinary café from outside.  It is a small but cosy café.   I was invited to try out their food together with my wife.  

There are only 6 main dishes in the menu but they are passionately created. It is somewhat a fusion of great food. They are serving hot and delicious.  I was surprised that the owner Mr. Chua is not a chef. He told me that cooking is his passion.  A plus point is that Café Borsa only uses roasting, steaming and baking methods to create their mouth-watering dishes. Indeed, everyone taste buds may differ. My wife love their signature dish Borsa Duck Confit while I go for the Baked Chicken Leg. At the same time, we love their healthy Baked Salmon.  Whether it is the duck, the chicken or the salmon, they are roasted, baked to precision.  The use of technology has come to a stage ( I am referring to an oven ) where it become a precision cooking.

The well roasted Mid Wings and potato Wedges dishes did satisfy our taste buds.  I did not try their Chicken meatball pasta as we are quite full. Beside Mr. Chua, the Café crew are accommodating and friendly.  The Café is Halal certified.  Our Muslim friends will be able to enjoy Mr. Chua cooked food.

When you do visit the Café, just remember to try out their Honey Citron.  It is Mr. Chua’s creation.  One final thing worth mentioning is their homemade mashed potato. These mashed potato come as part of the main dishes. If you have eaten mashed potato from KFC or some other restaurants, they are finely mashed, but Café Borsa’s mashes potatoes are quite different.  You feel the tasty texture of the potatoes.

Finally, I believe you will enjoy their company and more importantly, their food creation which evolved from Mr. Chua passion for cooking.  Borsa in Italian means  exchange. Therefore, Café Borsa is a gathering of people exchanging ideas, conversation and not forgetting the great food.

The video I created for Cafe Borsa

The address and contact of Café Borsa.

116 Changi Road, #01-10, Singapore 419718

Open from Monday to Saturday ( 11.30am – 9.00pm )

Tel : 63487688

Facebook :

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