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Gala Premiere and Movie Review To The Fore 破风

The event was well received. Many fans of Siwon Choi came screaming out loud when he appeared together with Director Dante Lam. Two ladies were selected from the audience to participate in the cycling games with both Siwon Choi and Dante Lam cheering them on.

This is my first time seeing Siwon Choi in person. I find him friendly, jovial and has the ability to bond with the audience. That makes this event a fun one. Thanks to Clover Films Singapore, I was invited for the cocktail reception and watch from the front of the VIP stand. Siwon Choi can actually converse in limited Mandarin. His spoken English is excellent.

My Photos taken at the Event

Gala Premiere Stage located at the outdoor area of Plaza Singapura Shopping Centre. 

The compere choosing two person from the audience to participate in the cycling game with Siwon Choi. In front is the VIP stand where media personnel were located. 

I was facing Siwon Choi as he gave encouragement to the participating lady.

Siwon Choi charmed his fan and audience. Naturally his female fans screamed. 

Siwon Choi and Director Dante Lam taking a wefie together with the audience. 

Siwon Choi offering his jacket to cover the participant legs when she does the cycling game. She was wearing a skirt.

A painting presented to Director and Siwon Choi

Take photo with the two lady participants in the cycling game.

A nice hug from Siwon Choi.

My Video recorded during the Gala Premiere Event


From award-winning Hong Kong director, Dante Lam 林超, featuring Pan-Asian cast Eddie Peng 彭于晏 from Taiwan, Shawn Dou 窦骁 and Wang Luodan 王珞丹 from China, Siwon Choi 崔始源 from South Korea, and Carlos Chan from Hong Kong, the movie opens in Singapore theaters on 6th August!


The domestique forces an opening. The escort and support cover. The sprinter seizes the advantage - strikes To The Fore. A professional cycling team moves with the speed and power of military Special Forces. Each member plays a tactical role, motivated by a single strategy. Victory belongs to the team, not the individual.

Race after race, the storied Radiant team, led by the brilliant Korean attacker Zheng Zhiyuan, has become the virtual enemy of all cycling teams. While training, Zheng’s explosive technique and power blow away the rookies Chou Ming and Qiu Tian. They agree to become Zheng’s domestiques to lead the assault on the road for him, creating finish line opportunities. The perfect coordination of the three riders defeats Radiant’s archrival Phantom. When Zheng receives all the accolades of victory for himself, Chou and Qiu realize that there’s only one winner, in spite of their team effort. As domestiques, they’ll never be number one. One year later, Chou and Qiu strike out on their own, each becoming a sprinter, competing head on with Zheng. But because of their own teams’ weak domestiques, they are defeated at each turn. Haunted and trapped between the demons of victory and defeat, the two riders’ paths spiral downward, with no second changes.

After years of aimless wandering, Chou crosses paths with his old teammate Qiu, now down and out, and Radiant’s former team mentor in Taiwan. Their camaraderie rekindles a lost but not forgotten passion for racing. The three form an amateur cycling team, to fight again from the bottom. Chou and Tian no longer compete with each other to be sprinter, instead they rediscover the pleasure and thrill of riding in the old days. When Zheng finds out that Chou and Qiu are competing in a local race, he shows up with his world-class Radiant to wage war on the amateurs, to the shock of the cycling world. The once perfect team of three is once again in competition. This time, however, Chou and Qiu, wiser and more agile than ever, have the ability to alternate between sprinter and domestique, as fighting partners. Can they break down the headwinds and overcome Zheng’s prowess to create a miracle?


This is a film of friendship, love, sacrifice, grit, hopelessness and foul play wove into the excitement and challenges of competitive cycling. Added to all these are the awe-inspiring backdrops: the mountainous Taiwanese terrain, the vast arid land of Mongolia and the European landscapes.  The excitement of the cycling races is enhanced by the pounding music, interspersed by colliding bicycles when the races turn ugly. 

There are good values thrown in too - work hard to fulfill your dream, make sacrifice for those you love, and never give up your friends who have fallen by the way and ultimately, everything will work out right. It too good to be true, but really who cares as long as you feel good at the end. And if you are a fan of Si-Won, you will not be disappointed, for everything you want to believe about him just comes true.

Not forgetting the awesome theme song sung by JJ Lin.


This is a must watch movie.  Why not spend time with your family to watch this movie during the Jubilee weekend. I shall rate it at 4.5/5. Started showing on 6 Aug 2015 in the cinema near you.


The Making of To The Fore

Movie Theme Song by JJ Lin

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