Friday, August 28, 2015

"Hope In A Bottle" event helps to improve the lives of 180 needy children in the region

For 180 years, BRAND’S® has helped individuals and families maintain wellness so they would have the ability to live life to the fullest. This year, in testament to BRAND’S® commitment to create a positive impact on the community and in celebration of its 180thanniversary, BRAND’S® has partnered World Vision International and aims to raise S$180,000 and sponsor 180 kids across the region including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and China in 2015. This regional Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative marks BRAND’S® 180 years of commitment in providing overall wellness and in helping people to unlock their potential for a greater life.

In Singapore, BRAND’S® Hope In A Bottle campaign encourages the public to join the cause by getting the BRAND’S® Coin Slot Caps at two dollars each, which will be donated to World Vision. The Coin Slot Caps turns used BRAND’S®  bottles into coin banks, which can be filled and donated back to World Vision or kept as a collector’s item. The funds raised will support 20 underprivileged children; leadership training for nearly 1000 humanitarian-minded local youths in Singapore through World Vision's 30-hour Famine programme who advocate for disadvantaged regional children.

Using the recycled BRAND’S® bottles as a coin bank, customers can start giving hope to others a dollar at a time. Each BRAND’S®bottle can store up to 45 $1 coins, the amount to cover the basic needs of one needy child for a month and hope to live a better life.

Join BRAND’S® team at the Hope In A Bottle Event and contribute to BRAND’S® cause to create a positive impact in the lives of underprivileged children and unlock their potential for a greater life! There will be a line-up of exciting activities for all to enjoy. Children can enrol in fun workshops where they can paint their very own BRAND’S® bottles or learn how to transform them into mini terrariums. 

There will be a booth where customers can personalize their very own BRAND’S® bottles as a keepsake and a Photo Wall where visitors can capture the fun moments at the event. The proceeds made from the event will be donated to the World Vision.

The event is held at

B1 Star Plaza, The Star Vista


28 - 30 August 2015

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