Tuesday, November 4, 2014

It’s Halloween Time at the Singapore Turf Club

“Anyone saw my liver ?  I need that for the photo shoot.”. The party was nothing short of fun, doing what you usually do not do during the normal days. Thanks to Jessie and Jasmine from the Singapore Turf Club for inviting me to this awesome Halloween party. It was my first time getting myself “ugly” and “bloody”. Together with a group of friends, we became the famous Adams’ family.

Somehow, this event had brought out my photographer instinct into action. I was getting all sorts of weird ideas across to friends to pose as frightening blood thirsty zombies. It does help if you watch more of those living dead theme movies.

When I was young, I used to watch Dracula movies. Zombies were not available back then. If you have live in this world long enough, the famous Dracula actor Christopher Lee (not an Asian actor) would have been a familiar face for horror movie. As a young boy, it was terrifying to stay and watch the whole show. I would peek between the front row seats. Unfortunately, back then, there were no movie classifications and restrictions, our young tiny hearts were not protected. After watching the movie, Count Dracula never failed to visit me in my dreams. He stayed for a few nights before he got tired of haunting me.

At the party, even the food and pastries have strong Halloween theme. Some of the dishes’ names include Bloody Mary, Dirty Rice. A photo booth with proper studio lighting was set up at the party. Some of my friends, kept the photographer very busy. They left the party with lots of name card size photos. Two eager Halloween make-up artists were there to “beautify” our flat faces. Once in a while, our painted face appear on the LED screen ( they did not provide mirror at the make-up corner).  We were being paparazzi by an eagle-eyed photographer who roamed around and watching over us.

Almost at the end of the party, we marched down to the horse racing area with our new Halloween looks. Uncle and aunties were staring at us. Race horses didn’t like our faces.  Jockey may think that we don’t belong here. So what should we do, head for the washroom at the end of the party.

It was indeed an enjoyable party. Singapore Turf Club, please invite me again for the next Halloween.

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