Thursday, November 13, 2014

CloudAsia 2014

This annual conference invites local, regional and international speakers to speak on the development of Cloud computing. It was first organised by IDA in 2010. Since then, this has been a major event in this region.

Participants share their experiences, research findings, network and explore areas of collaboration during this event. Representatives from local and overseas academia, research institutes and laboratories, whether in public or private sectors were present in this important event.

What exactly is Cloud Computing ? Let us hear from some of the NCCAC members.

Mr. Khoong Hock Yun ( Deput Chairman, NCCAC) Assistant Chief Executive, Development Group, IDA

Singapore cloud computing landscape evolved from a nascent to a vibrant ecosystem. With government push, pioneering a cloud security standard and positioning Singapore as a trusted hub for cloud computing.

Dr. Chris Boesch, Associate Professor, School of Information System, SMU

Cloud computing rives technical innovations in the infocomm world.

Mr. Chak Kong Soon ( President, Singapore Computer Society ), Managing Partner, Stream Global Pte Ltd

Cloud computing help both small and large businesses accessibility to affordable software and data.

Mr. Raju Chellam ( representing Singapore IT Federation), Head of Big Data and Cloud, Deli South Asia

Cloud computing is the third IT revolution. The first was the birth of the PC, the second was the arrival of the Internet. With all these revolution, they are altering the way people communicate with each other, business deployed and consume IT resources and government reach out with public services.

Successful example of Cloud Computing Business Implementation

One example is the Pong’s Laksa House. The solution was a cloud based commerce platform to market, sell, track orders and create new distribution channels. The benefits include customisable to unique needs. Higher productivity and lower percentage of human error. Subscription model which is affordable. Potential to include multiple platforms. Potential to scale. All these help the company to grow together with the business. No worries of system unable to cope with the volume of the business over time.


In my opinion, both customised and off the shelf software before cloud computing, were not as scalable and easily maintain. It is also expensive. With Cloud computing, customisation, speed, and scalability have greatly been improved. Business profits margin have increased due to cheaper computing subscription and effective integration of various channels  resulting in efficiency within the business.

Looking forward to Cloud Asia 2015. 

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