Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Gala Premiere and RETURN OF THE CUCKOO 十月初五的月光 Movie Review (Video)

It was a night of stars shining brightly at the Singapore Resort World Theatre. Although, there were only three of them, but audience gave a resounding applause. Thanks to Clover Films Singapore, I get to see them in person before we watch the movie. 

After 15 years, the movie is a continuation of the popular HK drama series in year 2000 of the same name as the movie, Return of the Cuckoo. If you have watched the drama series, you would have rekindled your thoughts and memories. Will this couple, Julian Cheung ( Man-Cho ) and Charmaine Sheh (Kwan-Ho) be together again ?

The movie focus on the closeness of family and friends. There is also a three parties love triangle ( one man, two ladies ) which would have cause the life of one of them out of jealousy and possessive nature of another one. It is also tear jerking movie. Be prepared to have a packet of tissue with you. Although the movie is a bit slow but it is necessary as it shows how much the main actor. Man-Cho show his love and care for Kwan-Ho. Nancy SIT as Aunty Q, played a supporting role as Kwan-Ho mother which add weight into this movie. Joe CHEN as Kiki played the jealous third party in the love triangle mentioned earlier. 

The message from the movie is clear. If you love someone, take the first step to express your love for the person even though there may be negative opinions from the surrounding people toward the relationship.

The writer and director, Patrick Kong has always been fascinated by the love attitude of the young generation, and he uses his films to share his thoughts on the subject. 

The movie will be out in the cinema on 12 Nov 2015.
A worthwhile movie to watch especially if you have previously watched the drama series in the year 2000. My rating for this movie is 3.5/5

Singapore Gala Premiere Video


On the day of Macau’s handover in 1999, Man-Cho (Chi Lam Cheung), Kiki (Joe Chen) and their neighbors were celebrating Aunty Q ‘s birthday (Nancy Sit). Kwan-Ho migrated to the US for some years and she made a surprise appearance at the birthday party. Despite the jovial ambience, Man-Cho noticed that Kwan-ho is strangely quiet and seems troubled.

At the same night, Man-Cho receives news that Lai-Sun has died in a car accident, Man-Cho was worried and followed Kwan-ho to the hotel, he eventually saves her from her suicide attempt.   After Kwan-ho got discharged from hospital, she is still sad and often deep in thoughts. Man-Cho, Aunty Q and Kiki tried their best to cheer Kwan–ho up by showering her with care and concern.

Through the years, Man-Cho,Kwan-Ho, Kam-Sing and Aunty Q have experienced the joys and sorrows of life. While things seem to be going fine, bad news strikes: Man-Cho learns that he has cancer and has less than half a year to live…


Interview by the media

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