Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) Launches “EMBRACE A DIFFERENT KIND OF MIND: PERSONAL STORIES OF DYSLEXIA” book

”Dyslexics – Focus on their strengths!”

First book in Singapore featuring 57 accounts of personal struggles and victories with dyslexia, demonstrating the ability of people with dyslexia to excel in any field

SINGAPORE, 4 NOVEMBER 2015 – The Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) launched today “Embrace a Different Kind of Mind: Personal Stories of Dyslexia”, a book capturing 57 inspiring stories of individuals from all walks of life who have dyslexia or are touched by dyslexia. By compiling first-hand, intimate accounts of more than 50 contributors into this publication, DAS hopes to remove the stigma of having dyslexia, pave the way for greater public acceptance and give children with dyslexia role models to look up to. The book also aims to highlight the strengths that people with dyslexia have that enable them to find their own success in life!

Starting with excerpts from a media interview with the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s founding Prime Minister, the book features accounts from individuals of varied professions including a Minister of State, an actor, a filmmaker, C-level executives, entrepreneurs, engineers, national servicemen, as well as homemakers and undergraduates. Collectively, the stories demonstrate that people with dyslexia can excel in any professional field through a combination of their own determination and a supportive learning environment.

Held at YMCA Singapore, the book launch was graced by more than a hundred guests including more than 30 story contributors and their families. Four of the contributors, namely Mr. Marcus Goh, Educational Therapist at DAS; Dr Robin Chan, Senior Associate Director at the National University of Singapore; Ms Kwok Fuyu, a PhD in Psychology candidate at Nanyang Technological University and Mr. Gary Seow, Founder of KYDZ International, shared with the audience their personal journeys with dyslexia. 

The book is the latest initiative of "Embrace Dyslexia”, a campaign launched by DAS in November 2014 to create a positive attitude amongst the public towards dyslexia. It is also launched in commemoration of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee by featuring more than 50 stories of dyslexia.

“This book is special as it is the first time that so many individuals from such diverse backgrounds have stepped forward to share their personal stories with dyslexia. The Dyslexia Association of Singapore hopes that children with dyslexia, their families and their schools will gain both practical advice as well as inspirational insights on handling dyslexia from the book and that the public will better understand the world of dyslexia by reading it. We also hope that more people with dyslexia will continue to come forth to share their journeys so that together, Singapore will truly become a society that embraces dyslexia,” said Mr. Lee Siang, CEO of DAS.

In line with the objectives of the book, DAS is creating and delivering a comprehensive and holistic range of programmes for children with dyslexia that go beyond academic subjects.  DAS is also exploring providing support to those with dyslexia at the post-secondary level.

The book in paperback will be available at selected book stores. Visit for more information.

About ‘Embrace Dyslexia’

‘Embrace Dyslexia’, an initiative of the Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS), endeavours to foster greater public awareness about dyslexia with the aim of helping everyone to understand both the strengths and the challenges in the lives of individuals who have dyslexia. Launched on 19 November 2014 with a dinner graced by Mr Sam Tan, Minister of State for Prime Minister’s Office and Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth; and a one-day seminar featuring Mr Thomas West, award-winning author of ‘In the Mind’s Eye: Creative Visual Thinkers, Gifted Dyslexics and the Rise of Visual Technologies’ and globally-renowned researcher and international presenter on dyslexia. The ‘Embrace Dyslexia’ campaign also comprises the DAS ‘Champions Chart’, which recognises organisations that have made a difference in the lives of dyslexics or raised awareness of dyslexia in Singapore. To be placed on the chart, organisations can donate to DAS’ Learning Programmes, sponsor the DAS Seminar and Dinner, or help locate adult dyslexics within their organisations. Organisations can also pledge support for dyslexics by signing the ‘Embrace Dyslexia Commitment’ and work towards inculcating a dyslexia-friendly workplace by sharing information about dyslexia in the workplace, inviting DAS to conduct awareness talks, incorporating information about dyslexia in the staff handbook, providing appropriate support for dyslexic employees and exploring opportunities to work with DAS through workplace giving, volunteering initiatives or mentoring DAS alumni.

Annex - Contributors to “Embrace a Different Kind of Mind: Personal Stories of Dyslexia” Book

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  1. Good to know the details of the very needed campaign by DAS. Focusing on building awareness is an exceptionally thankless task, since assessment of whether a given campaing was successful in terms of some amount of awareness built, is difficult. Therefore one has to be like a stone, unmoved.

    thanks DAS and all the best,