Friday, November 20, 2015

An afternoon Twinings Discovery collection tea appreciation plus Movie ( Video )

Waking up at 7.30am daily, the longest reigning British Monarchy, Queen Elizabeth II had Twinings English Breakfast tea. She likes her tea without sugar. Was that one of the little secret to longevity.

Twinings introduces the Large-Leaf Discovery Collection. A total of 8 new and unique blends is designed to take tea lovers on a journey of discovery to experience new superior large-leaf teas and infusions that will delight the senses.
The tea leaf is presented in premium silky pyramids that help to release the sensuous aromas and flavour.

Stephen Twining, 10th generation of the Twinings family, commented.

“I am extremely proud to present the Twinings Large-Leaf Discover Collection. It’s a fantastic addition to the Twinings repertoire and brings something extra special. The Master blenders have really applied their blending skills to perfection to sure each tea looks, smells and taste truly wonderful. If  you love tea and great flavours, then I highly recommend you explore this new collection.”

London Strand Earl Grey

A blend of traditional bergamot with a twist of other citrus notes and real lemon peels.
This is actually quite nice and if you like Earl Grey, this will be an added bonus to have an Earl Grey variation.

Golden Tipped English Breakfast

The search was over when they found the golden buds at the valleys of Assam, North East India. This new blend produces rich and malty strong and bold  flavour. Maybe Queen Elizabeth II should try out this new Golden Tipped English Breakfast tea for a change.

Two-Seasons Darjeeling

It is interesting to note that the Master blenders created this tea by blending two harvests to create a light perfectly balance afternoon tea. During spring time, the tea were from the Himalayan foothills in West Bengal.

English Rose Garden

Rose-flavoured delicate China black tea with rose petals. However hectic your day is proving to be, it will bring a delicious summery pause to your afternoon.

Pure Sencha Green Tea

Large leaf green tea steamed to give the fresh and pure flavour. The best and freshest leaves comes from the cool flushes of the Eastern spring which the Master Blenders capture the pure essence of the mountain slopes where the tea grows.

Budding Meadow Camomile

The best camomile evokes the essence of a summer meadow: floral, uplifting and with a breezy scent that calms the spirit. Using the whole pollen heads, Master blenders capture the sweet nature of camomile, creating a blend that carries you gently to the meadow of your imagination.

Medley of Mint

A blend of natural spearmint and peppermint to give a refreshing and uplifting taste. Only the best mint leaves were selected from the summer harvests, each time picking just before the mint flowers bloom for maximum taste. I like the minty taste, not to strong which works best for me. I ordered a cup during the movie. As I watch and had my meal, sipping a little of my favourite minty tea.

Golden Caramel Rooibos

The rich Rooibos with a hint of sweet caramel flavour. It is also caffeine-free. This is a good news for those who do not like to have any caffeine in their tea. Rooibos from the Cederberg and Olifantsrivier mountains of South Africa’s Western Cape is delicious in its own right. Master blenders found a way of enhancing the sun-dried needle’s naturally rich depth of flavour. And also include hint of caramel flavour with a just right level of sweetness.

It was a good afternoon for tea appreciation. My excitement did not end here. We proceed to the latest James Bond movie, Spectre where I enjoyed a meal and tea in comfy sofa seat while watching the movie.

Where to buy the Twinings Discovery Collections

Twinings Discovery Collection is now available at selected establishment such as marina Mandarin Lobby Lounge, Portico Café & Restaurant, Watanabe Coffee, Cathay Platinum Movie Suites, Note Di Sicilia, Redbank, My Little Spanish and I-Darts.

Video taken during the Tea Appreciation

About Twinings

With a history dating back to 1706, quality tea has always been at the heart of what we do. A host of experienced Masterblenders and flavour experts, we pride ourselves on challenging the status quo of tea, ensuring the new blends and infusions, continue to engage the senses and delight new generations of tea lovers. 

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