Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Time for a property portal that genuinely help home seekers find affordable houses.

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The number of property portals have been growing over the years. Most of them are offering similar features and some with outdated information making it difficult for home seekers to go through. Some of them are not even genuine. It is a waste of time going through the list of houses only to find out later that they either no longer available, wrong selling price or sold off years ago. 

A newly launched property website belowVal.sg should address some of these issues effectively and efficiently but best of all, list down those affordable houses. As the website name implied, listing down below valuation houses for you to consider. Great for first time home seeker especially affordability is an important consideration.

The portal was first launched in October 2015, this increasingly popular portal has already received thousands of below market valuation properties at their website. 

According to the founder, Mr Winston Lam, "We are heartened by the great reception of this new portal in the market. Users have told us that the portal has helped them fasten the sale process of their properties. There's an increase element of authenticity as we check and verify every ad before it is allowed to be posted.This results in a pleasant home seeking experience as there are no fake or outdated advertisements in our portal. It is also a very user-friendly and simple website which users can easily use and navigate."

If you decided to sell your property, there are 5 reasons why you should list your property with belowVal

(1) belowVal lists only below Valuation properties.

(2) belowVal takes out the clutter and show the listings in a clean and simple platform.

(3) Using belowVal is easy and simple.

(4) belowVal attracts genuine buyers interested in below Valuation properties.

(5) You end up selling to real buyers and not big property players.

So start listing your properties with belowVal or for home seekers, you have found another good and effective property portal for your search. 

Be a Property Guru Today and Act Now!

For more information, users can access

Website: www.belowVal.sg

Facebook : www.facebook.com/belowValSG

Address : 73 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #02-23 Singapore 139952.

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