Sunday, March 20, 2016

Relive your Carnival Dream with Uncle Ringo

Uncle Ringo Carnival is part of this year i light Marina Bay. Most of the time, Uncle Ringo Carnival are relatively small. This particular one is pretty huge and it is somewhere between MBS and the Marina Bay City Gallery.

Most of the time, Uncle Ringo Carnival (URC) appeared annually without fail at the River HongBao event. URC which is a travelling amusement company was started in 1984 by Ringo Lee. Ringo Lee is now over 60 years old. If you would have notice, URC would appear in heartlands pasar malam with smaller scale rides for children. Incidently, Uncle Ringo motto is to make the children happy.

Uncle Ringo Carnival is now open until 27 Mar 2016. 

Here is a photo of Uncle Ringo, courtesy of Straits Times in 2013

Our family of four had a great time at the carnival. We tried the various games and were lucky to win a few of the soft toys. 

We were quite brave and we queued up for the Journey of Thrill ride. Something exciting. While queuing, we saw a signboard, which states that the ride are only for children.  The lady told us that adults can ride too. I shall not reveal what we saw during the ride. Just to keep you in suspense. 

Technology has caught up with the Uncle Ringo. We now uses contactless card similar to EZ-Link card. No more buying of tickets for each ride. Just tap the card and money will be deducted for the game or ride. But you still need to queue up once to buy the card before you play all the games. 

In conclusion, we cannot expect the rides or even the games to be comparable to those in Universal Studio Singapore but it does give our family a fun time and also bring back some good old memories of those nostalgic carnival games.

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