Friday, March 18, 2016

Event Coverage NutriGirl 2016

I was invited by Eddie Ho, the creator for NutriGirl and NutriMan.  This is the first time I am covering this event. For the past two years, I have covered NutriMan 2014 and NutriMan 2015 and was previously invited by NutriFirst, the sponsor for NutriGirl and NutriMan. 

It is interesting to note that these girls for the past 5 months, were transforming themselves through strict training provided by Dennis Tew, Dennis Gym, Eddie Ho, the organiser and the various sponsors providing various services. Their appearance of their final transformation was at NutriGirl 2016 which was held at Zouk Singapore. 

Watching the behind the scene video, you can understand the amount of  hardwork and determination of the girls involved in their transformation. 

Behind the Scene Video

Video Credit : Eddie Ho

If you are determine to get yourself transformed, do join the next NutriGirl 2017. Check out the links below. 

Here are the photos that I have taken during the event.

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Here are some of the links relating to this event.




Dennis Gym

Zouk Singapore

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