Monday, September 28, 2015

Singtel launched Apple Iphone 6S

Thanks to Singtel, DK and Wee Wu for extending the invitation to me to attend this special iphone 6S launch. I have never witness an iphone launch before even though I am a fan of iphone since iphone 4 ( I am still using it but will be getting the iphone 6S soon ). 

The queue

The friendly Singtel girls who distributed tibits to the customers in the queue. 

Singtel staffs welcome the customers. 

The gifts fro the first 10 customers. 

The invited guests, Singtel Management staff and the media

The Emcee for the event

One of a kind T-Shirts

It was a grand event where the first 10 customers get to receive gifts from Singtel Management staff on stage. The customers were well taken care after they left the stage. Personal attention have been given to each and everyone of the first 10 customers. 

Mr Yuen Kuan Moon, CEO of Consumer Singapore attended to the first customer, Mr. Daryl Lee Zhen Hui.  The second customer, Ms Charis Ng. was lucky to receive a big Hello Kitty goodies bag from a Management staff who attended to her. 

Here are some information gathered from the first two customers. Mr. Daryl Lee, a 31 years old working as a customer service staff was in the first in the queue at 4.45am. He was buying for himself an iphone 6S, Rose Gold ( the new colour for 6S ), 128GB. He had been using Singtel for the past 6 years. A fan of iphone. He commented that he just want to buy and collect the phone as soon as possible.

An early morning crowd at the launch

The second customer, Ms Charis Ng, a 26 years old, working as an Operation and Admin executive who came in at 5.30am. She opt for the same iphone configuration as the first customer. By coming here, she save on the queuing time and was able to go straight to work. She was on Singtel subscription for the past 1 year plus. 

       Ms Charis Ng together with a Singtel Management staff at the iphone 6s registration counter.

From what I was told, only Singtel organises new iphone launch in Singapore. The other telecommunication company do not have such a grand event launch. 

I am going to switch from M1 to Singtel when I purchase my iphone 6S, so that I can take advantage of mobile phone discount up to 30% on my family mobile phone bills. Any further discount for a Singtel and Iphone fan ? 

The new iphone 6S Plus

Friendly and approachable Singtel girls

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