Monday, September 28, 2015

Looking for the Ideal Man in this year ManHunt Singapore 2015

Sipping my coffee at Alkaff Mansion Ristorante which is located on top of a hill somewhere in the southern part of Singapore, I briefly went through the notes of the contestants and was pleasantly surprised to see one of contestants who have recently participated in the Nutriman 2015. I greeted and shake his hands. 

I started photographing various WBPF and International body building competitions way back in 2013. Then came along other related competitions such as NutriMan, StrongMan. And now, it is my honor to be able to photograph and blog for a coming well-known competition, ManHunt. 

Before coming to this ManHunt press event, I did not know much about the competition. In fact, it is a competition where it helps to search for an "ideal man". A man who not only embodies looks and strength, but possesses the charisma, talent and passion to achieve his ambitions, just like the following leading men which are now managed by Beam Artistes. Names such as Russell Ong, Shane Pow, Richard Herrera and Paul Foster. 

Organizer Beam Artistes and presenting sponsor Phyto Singapore unveiled the 30 finalists for Manhunt Singapore 2015 and Senior Manhunt Singapore 2015. 28 years ago, it first started as a male model contest, Manhunt has come a long way and is moving beyond mere aesthetics to the search for a man who embodies positive male attributes which would make him stand out in a crowd. 

For this year competition, out of more than 100 contestants, only 30 contestants are shortlisted. 20 Manhunt Singapore finalists and 10 Senior Manhunt Singapore finalists. There are a few firsts for this year in the long history of 28 years for this competition. A pair of father and son, Poon Weng  Kee,48 and Ryan Poon, 24 will be competing in their respective Manhunt category. A heart-warming stories such as of Ngen Ge Liang got his inspiration from the story of last year's winner, Nicholas Ngoh. The widely branded as "MRT hero" or "Ahang Hanafie" in a viral video where he stand up for a man who was being verbally assaulted by another man.

The Grand Finals of Manhunt Singapore 2015 will be held on

5 December 2015

Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway

Tickets for the Grand finals will be available for sale at

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