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HELIOS 《赤道》Movie Review


Helios, a most wanted criminal in the global radar, has stolen the South Korean military’s latest mass destruction weapon: a handheld nuclear device DC8 and 16 uranium spheres. An underground trading of the stolen weapon is due to take place in Hong Kong.

Chinese envoy Song An, Hong Kong’s Counter Terrorism Response Unit Chief Inspector Lee Yin-ming and South Korean weapon expert Choi Min Ho are all gathered in Hong Kong on a mission to recover the weapon. Physics professor Siu Chi-yan joins the team as consultant.

Beneath the shared goal of recovering the weapon, the three regions’ representatives are all armed with hidden agendas. Choi not only has to capture Helios and recover the weapon but needs to prevent the leaking of national classified information. Song has China’s interests in mind. And on top of resolving the unit’s biggest crisis since its conception, Lee and Siu have to grapple with the tension between the two countries.

Although the Hong Kong police manage to capture Helios’s assistant and recover the weapon, a diplomatic dispute between China and South Korea on who owns the confiscated nuclear device is unleashed. Meanwhile, Helios pops up in Macau, determined to reclaim the weapon and avenge his earlier defeat.

In the final showdown, no one is safe from the danger and conspiracies that lurk underneath.

Directors and Casts

Produced by Media Asia and helmed by award-winning directors Longman Leung and Sunny Luk of Cold War fame, Helios is an action extravaganza of terrorists and international espionage. In Helios, top Asian law enforcement personnel gather in Hong Kong to track down the nuclear device stolen by a most-wanted criminal called Helios. Turned into the most dangerous city overnight, Hong Kong is on the verge of exploding.

A star-studded cast from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea—including Jacky Cheung, Nick Cheung, Zhang Zhen, Wang Xueqi, Ji Jin-hee and Choi Siwon—assemble for a battle of acting skills, topped off with swooping performances by up-and-coming actresses Janice Man, Feng Wenjuan and Yoon Ji Ni. Helios is set to dizzy the global audience with its captivating story and eye-popping visuals.

Presented by: Media Asia Films

Genre: Crime thriller

Produced by: Catherine Kwan

Directed by: Longman Leung, Sunny Luk

Screenplay by: Sunny Luk, Longman Leung


If you love action packed movie, this Hong Kong movie will glue you to your seat for the whole duration of the movie. The much awaited movie had been teasing me with many trailers for the past weeks. Finally, I get to sit down to watch this movie during the special preview.

The movie storyline extend across countries such as South Korea, China and Hong Kong. The stolen nuclear device from South Korea reaches Hong Kong and the three countries government agencies have different views and agenda when recovering the nuclear device and pursuit of Helios. Car chases were all part of the movie action package. There is no lack of “mole” planted in government agencies in the storyline. It seems like Hong Kong audience love the idea of  “mole” in the most of the Hong Kong blockbuster movies.  

Who exactly is Helios ? It came as a surprise and there is no lack of twists and turns in the movie storyline. At the end of the show, we think we know who is Helios and we were brought to the land of the rising sun, Japan. More excitements will be happening in the next instalment of Helios. It seems likely that the next Helios storyline will focus on Japan. 

Looking forward to the next Helios movie. Thanks to Clover films for the special preview.

I will rate this movie at 4 / 5. 

List of Trailers

International Trailer

Making of Helios Part 1 : Storyline

Making of Helios Part 2 : Weapons

 Making of Helios Part 3 :Jacky Cheung 

Making of Helios Part 4 : Nick Cheung

Making of Helios Part 5 : Strategy

Making of Helios Part 6 : Shawn Yue

Making of Helios Part 7 : Choi Siwon

Helios Theme Song

Jacky Cheung x Choi Siwon Studio Recording 

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