Sunday, April 19, 2015

Satay in a Cup on a fast lane

Traditionally, satay has always been served on a plate. We need to wait patiently for the satay to be  BBQ. Only then, we will enjoy a satisfying roasted marinated meat with friends and family.

The company, Satay Cup introduces their satay at the first outlet in Food Republic, Parkway Parade. Still the same satay with lots of sweet aroma of marinated spices but cooks using high heat induction cooker. It is smoke-free. You do not get your satay burned using the traditional method of BBQ. In my opinion, it is healthier without the burns. The satay does not contain MSG, preservatives and has no fillers.

I was on assignment as their official photographer for the opening of the first Satay Cup outlet. I volunteer to blog for them. When I received my cup of satay, I could smell the aroma of peanut coming from the satay sauce. That already got my digestive engine revving at full gear. A generous serving of 5 sticks in a cup affectionately known as A CUP while the 10 sticks goes for the name B CUP.

There are 4 flavours of satay namely Chicken, Beef, Mutton and Veggie. Traditionally, there is no veggie satay but it will benefit those who are vegetarian and wanted to try satay on a vegetarian diet. Or it can also appeal to the majority of customers who eat everything in the Satay Cup’s menu. All the satay is made from fresh ingredients and uses more than 10 herbs and spices. That is why you still get the flavours even they are cooked in this special cooker.

According to the outlet owner, Danny, the satay can be cook in 2 minutes. Traditional cooking method may take about 15 to 20 minutes. This shortened the waiting time and it is going to change the way we consume and have a better perception on satay consumption. It is a fast, simple and convenient.

I personally have tried the chicken satay. It tastes good. The meat is tender. Whether you are going to buy it as a snack or a meal, it will be part of Singapore traditional food with a much lesser waiting time. 

The first outlet is located at

#B1-K1, Food Republic, Parkway Parade ( Opposite Guardian Pharamacy )

Website :

Here is a video of the opening of the outlet on the 15 April 2015. 

More photos 

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