Wednesday, March 18, 2015

OISHI Green Tea So Oishi ! ( Video )

It was a beautiful early afternoon at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, a chance to get away from the city life.  It seems like it was going to be a green day for me with lots of greenery and green tea. A shuttle bus specially came to fetch us to another part of the Gardens. F&N Foods introduces OISHI Green Tea in Singapore.

My First Encounter with a Bottled Green Tea

What was exciting besides the venue ( Villa Halia ), is the OISHI Green Tea. I love green tea. My first taste of green tea in Ready-To-Drink bottle was in Taiwan. That was many years back when I was serving my yearly SAF reservist training. In Singapore, there was no Bottled or Can green tea until Pokka came up with their green tea. Besides Pokka, there were other brands such as Heaven and Earth. I am glad that we have another choice of green tea brand to choose from.

OISHI Green Tea

OISHI leads the new revolution of Japanese green tea with its two alluring favours, OISHI Green Tea Original and OISHI Green Tea with Genmai. Each bottle of OISHI is masterfully brewed using 100% organic tea leaves with no added preservatives and artificial colourings. Only the youngest three leaves at the top of each branch are selected for the brew. Through advanced technology and under the attentive care of experts, the young organic leaves are brewed using a refined manufacturing process to seal in the authentic goodness of the taste of green tea.

OISHI Green Tea Original has a well-rounded and subtly crisp with a tinge of pleasant vegetai and jasmine note. OISHI Green Tea Genmai has added Germinated brown rice, used primarily as a food grain that has been allowed to germinate in order to enhance the flavour and also to increase the levels of nutrients such as y-aminobutyric acid (GABA). This rice used in Japanese cuisine, has been gaining popularity as a health food because it is considered more nutritious than white rice.


OISHI Green Tea Original and OISHI Green Tea with Genmai are now available in handy 380ml PET bottles (S$1.00) and 1.5L PET bottles ($2.05) at major supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Taiko Drums Welcome

Personally, this was my third experience with Taiko Drums Welcome. Somehow, I got addicted to the drum beats and the movement of the drummers. Interestingly, I just cannot figure out the rhythm of the beat. It seems to be very different in beat for every event, even though they are from the same Japanese Drum Group.

Benefits of Green Tea Talk given by Ketki Vinayachandra

Ketki is a Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist and Iridologist gave us a talk on the benefits of green tea.  She has appeared on TV, Radio and various events. I guessed she is quite popular. You may want to find out more about her at : 

There are many video about the benefits of drinking green tea. Here is one of them which I think it may be useful for everyone.

My Opinion

One thing I like about OISHI Green Tea, it is not too sweet. Among the two favours, I prefer the one with the Genmai. I love the pleasant flavour of Germinated brown rice. You can try it yourself. I believe you will like it.

Here is a video which I created for the event.

More Photos of the event

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