Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bringing back the old memories of old Singapore with the musical Great World Cabaret, Let’s Bo Bo Cha Cha!

Indeed, this musical brings us back to our beloved old Singapore entertainment in the 1960s. Those who have fond memories of cabaret shows, will remember them at the three amusement parks ( Great World, New World and Gay World ) in Singapore. Great World Cabaret probably base on the New World Amusement Park where they have cabaret show featuring Rose Chan, Taxi Girls Mat Tarzan etc.

As for myself, my memories of Great World Amusement Park was simply having a fun game of shooting after a sumptuous dinner with family and staff of my Dad company during every Chinese New Year.

The musical is created by the talented Selena Tan from Dream Academy Productions and directed by George Chan. George Chan’s father used to sing in clubs in another amusement park, Gay World. As a child, he would make frequent trips to these amusement parks.

Well known comedian such as Mark Lee, Hossan Leong, Sebastian Tan, Judee Tan will be guest stars in the musical on certain dates of the show. The other stars include Shane Marrjuki, Seong Hui Xuan, JC Sum etc.


An old security guard closes up a museum exhibit for the night. The exhibit evokes long forgotten memories of his brightest moments as a host of Singapore’s most famous nightclub, the Great World Cabaret.

His memories take centre stage as the cabaret comes to life. Dancing girls, acrobats from all over the world, a magician, amazing singers and more fill the stage. Set against this loud and colourful backdrop, he meets the girl of his dreams.

At the climax of the cabaret show, his memories start to fade and he finds himself back at the museum, unsure if time had really gone backwards or if it was nothing more than an old man’s daydream.


If you enjoy listening to good songs, you will not be disappointed with this musical.   The talk show by Mark Lee was comical and lively. The acrobatic act from Qing Dao Acrobatic Troupe and Drunken Sailors act were simply amazing. The magic show by JC Sum helps us to recall the usual magic show of yester years. Overall, the musical was fun and entertaining and the dances were well choreographed. Don't miss out this nostalgic musical. 

The show will be on from 19 Feb to 17 Mar 2015. It is rated as PG13.

Tickets can be purchased at Sisti

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