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Oishii Japan 2014

Oishii Japan food trade fair first started in 2012. This is the third year in the running and it is my first time attending this event. With 266 exhibitors from 32 Japanese prefectures occupying an area of 6000 square metres, it is definitely growing in number of participants and F&B demand for this event. It serves as a bridge for F&B businesses between Japan and ASEAN.

This year, participating companies brought in strawberries from Tochigi which are well known for its sweetness and large size. Tochigi is also known as “Strawberry Kingdom” in Japan.

The atmosphere make me feel like I am attending an event in Japan. 

Mr. Masanao Nishida, Director of Oishii Japan 2014

 Our Singapore Tourism Board representative giving a speech during the opening ceremony.

 Breaking of Sake or the ancient Japanese sake ceremony called "Kagami Biraki

The Toast of Sake

Shy Japanese girl refuse a photo shot from me. A Japanese elderly man said something and she finally agree to pose for the photo. 

Other valuable products such as Olive beef from Sanuki where the cows were fed with olive resulted in award winning wagyu of superior quality.

From Kagoshima, shōchū (焼酎?) is a Japanese distilled beverage. The shōchū is put through a 30-day fermentation stage, accompanied by classical music Beethoven’ 9th symphony played through a girdle of speakers wrapped around each tank. The producers believe the rhythmic vibrations it help to stimulate yeast activity during the production.

I have personally visited a Nigata booth at the fair where they grew premium rice. The unique thing about this that they release young carps into the wet padi field. The 7 colours carps help to keep the padi field healthy by eating away those pests. Once the padi field is ready for harvesting, the carps are also ready for harvesting. Through selection, better grade carps were sold while the rest of the carps were given away. It is truly a brilliant way of organic farming.

This year, MAFF ( The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan ) have planned a series of demonstrations and talks to educate event visitors on Japanese food ingredients and also invited chef to dish out nice food. I have attended Chef Stephan Zoisl cooking demo. We get to taste what he cooked. It was amazing.

 Chef Stephan cooking demonstration

 Chef Stephan's  Takasago - Kouji Amazake & Ponzu Ice Cream

Chef Stephan's Yellowtail & Miso

In addition, J-Sweets Collection is introduced this year which include desserts, confectionary etc. Also, the return of J-Food tech which showcase latest F&B equipment and technology for  food processing. Besides all these, visitors will be able to visit Hall 404, J-Food Street ( Japanese small bits, snacks and beverages ).

I get to try out interesting food such as the poisonous Puffer fish which is very popular in Japan and best quality beef. In my opinion, if you love food, you will enjoy yourself. Somehow, I  felt that you are attending an event in Japan. And that’s a nice feeling. 

Puffer fish
 Snowy Strawberry desserts

 Friendly Japanese ladies in Kimono

 Huge range of quality seafood

 Famous Hello Kitty

 The octopus is first steamed and boiled to retain it's flavour. The octopus come either come from Africa or Japan.

 Famous Sake brand

 Hello Kitty

 Tokachi button mushrooms. They are delicious. Just can't get enough of them.

Sweet young Japanese girl who stay in Singapore

If you are interested to visit this event, here are the information.

Website :

Location : Suntec Singapore, Halls 404-406, 1 Raffles Boulevard, Suntec City, Singapore 039593

Trade : 16 and 17 Oct 2014, 10am to 5.30pm daily

Public : 18 Oct 2014, 11am to 5pm
Public : $4 per person, Admission is free for children 12 years and below.

All photos are copyright of Derrick See ( Seed Image ).

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