Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sony "Feel The Air" Audio Event 2014

Sony picked the right place for their high-resolution audio event at the Timbre @ The Arts House. It was cosy and the atmosphere at the bar were great. The high resolution music was pleasant to our ears while the delicious pizza serving satisfies our stomach. 

At the Timbre @ The Arts House, Sony Audio Event.

Sony staffs both locally and from Japan introduces their latest high resolution audio products. Looking at the latest Walkman, NWZ-A15, I remember my first Sony Walkman, WM-DD100 Boodo Khan in the late 1980s. The new Walkman is so thin and powerful in audio clarity with rich detailed sound. It incorporates a unique S-Master HX digital amplifier which minimise noise and distortion. In addition, the DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) HX technology upscales the quality of compressed sound sources to surpass CD quality.

Latest Sony high resolution Walkman

Next is the impressive MDR-Z7, a premium quality headphone to match today’s finest high-resolution audio sources. It has the biggest 70mm HD driver unit completely envelops the listener’s ear, giving an immense feeling of space. Another headphone XBA-Z5, a hybrid was also a notable product.

World Biggest driver for MDR-Z7 headphone

Sony also introduces PHA-3 headphone amplifier to further enhance the high-resolution audio signals. In addition, Sony collaborated with cable specialist, Kimber Kable to create new MUC cables for better sound playback.

PHA-3 headphone amplifier

MDR-Z7, PHA-3, MUC cables

Other notable new releases include wearable waterproof Walkman WS610 series, and the new Bluetooth headphones such as the MDR-ZX550BN, wireless speaker SRS-X3 and MAP-S1 (Multi Audio Player System). Not forgetting those expertly crafted high resolution floor standing speakers, SS-NA2ES.

Overall, I was impressed with the sound quality of the new Sony’s products. Over the years, Sony had positioned herself as a leading brand for audio system. Her continuous innovation in search for better quality sound is truly a testimonial of a great company.  

 Wearable Waterproof Walkman W610

Demonstration by Sony staff on their latest High Resolution amplifier and floor standing speakers, SS-NA2ES

Bluetooth Wireless Speaker 

  Japanese developer for MDR-Z7 headphone.

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