Saturday, November 19, 2016

Get yourself ready for Run for Light ( 14 Jan 2017 )

It was a meaningful pre-walk for the coming Run for Light which will be happening on 14 Jan 2017. The preview walk which happened along Orchard Road. is in support for the beneficiaries of Guide Dogs Association for the Blind ( GDAB ). These dogs are well trained to help blind with their daily walk. The dogs are specially selected and trained from young. 

The activities for the day include : 
  • Walk down Orchard Road along with GDAB visually-impaired beneficiaries
  •  Photo opportunity with Guide dog teams and Guide Dog mascot at the starting point
  • Sighted guide demonstration where participants will experience how a visually-impaired person walk and use a white cane.
  • Sighted guide demonstration to experience how a visually-impaired person walk and use a white cane.
  • Balloons and stick candy!
Creating awareness among the community where guide dogs are important to the society especially the blind. I did learn a lot about the association. 

Do register for the Run for Light 2017, 14 Jan 2017 5pm - 10pm at the Gardens By the Bay ( East ). 

More information can be found below :

About Run For Light (
Light is always associates with words like 'innovation', 'philanthropy', 'leading', 'inspiration', 'well-being', 'joy', 'hope', 'relax', 'connectivity', 'bright' and 'future' and our event will establish a strong following for our sponsors that will translate to customers thinking of them whenever they need LIGHT; for the next 3 years rather than just a one-off run event similar to those in the market.

Run for Light empowers and supports the less fortunate community by helping to create enough awareness for the association or community to raise fund through the event and to raise their own fund in subsequent years.

Be a leading LIGHT in the industry or as an individual and join us to spread this light.

About Guide Dogs Association of the Blind Ltd
Guide Dogs Association of the Blind Ltd (GDAB) is a non-profit voluntary welfare organisation founded in 2006. It focuses on enhancing the quality of life for blind and visually-impaired people in Singapore through the provision of training and rehabilitation programme such as Orientation & Mobility and Guide Dogs Programme. The organisation also actively advocates for an inclusive society where every blind and visually-impaired person is empowered for independent living. Till date, GDAB has served more than 160 blind and visually-impaired people and has successfully paired four Guide Dog teams. GDAB is an associate member with the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) and holds the Institute of Public Character status. 

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