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紅衣小女孩 The Tag-Along Movie Review


Wei’s grandma suddenly disappears for no reason, but strangely the routines still move on as if she never vanished-- the laundry is still done, their house is well-arranged as usual, and even breakfast remains prepared for Wei every morning. Distraught with worry, Wei is totally clueless until he finds an uncanny video in his grandma’s camera, showing that there was a little girl in red tagging along her. Oddly enough, after Wei’s grandma finally returns, it turns out that Wei is missing instead. Struggling to unravel the enigma, Wei’s girlfriend Yi-Chun gradually discovers that the mysteries behind Wei and his grandma’s sudden disappearance may be connected to the urban legend of “The Little Girl in Red”, but what’s even worse is yet to come……

Movie Production Crew and Casts

Country                :             Taiwan
Year                     :             2015
Genre                   :             Horror / Thriller
Format                 :             Color / Scope / DCP
Runtime               :             93 min
Directed by           :             Wei-Hao CHENG
Starring                :             River HUANG, Wei-ning HSU


Taichung, March 1998 – After a funeral, a family was watching a trip video in which a weird-looking little girl in red was found tagging along the relative who passed away. But no one remembered seeing her anywhere during the trip. The footage was authenticated by professionals and caused disturbance among audience island-wide after it was exposed in the media. Strangely, the family member who provided the TV station with the video died in a car crash shortly.

Taichung, 1998 – One driver caught sight of the rumored little girl in red in a mountain area and decided to follow her. During the pursuit, the little girl suddenly disappeared into a heavy fog. The driver almost fell off a cliff after a sharp turn.

Hualien, 2014 – An eighty-year-old woman mysteriously went missing during a trip. Around fifty members of the police and the fire department conducted a search for five days before finding her under a giant rock. The woman surprisingly answered, “A little girl in red held a red umbrella and took me away.” The urban legend of the little girl in red returned after sixteen years.

The Little Girl in Red is a long-circulating urban legend in Taiwan. The descriptions of her forms and whereabouts echo the monster depicted in the ancient Chinese book “Classic of Mountains and Seas” that takes advantage of human beings’ greed and weakness to lure them into the deep mountains before planting them like trees in the woods. There are various implications to the true identity of the little girl in red. Though some claim that she is an avenging devil who used to suffer from persecution, no one is yet able to determine who or what she is. The origin of the little girl in red is still a myth.

Movie Review

Based on the true events happened in Taiwan as stated earlier, the movie has a certain sense of mystery. Not any other horror movie, but a deep exploration of human nature. Interestingly, what our eyes cannot see, but with the use of technology in the case of a video camera, we clearly see the horrifying little girl in red tagging behind a person.

This Taiwan legend still bring fear to the people. The movie highlighted that the little red girl in still a myth. There are some interesting facts such as never try to call the full name of another person during the night. Otherwise, the spirit or ghost will start to tag you. 

I do enjoyed the movie. So far, I have not seen a horror movie that is based on true events. It simply add up to the expectation of this movie. No wonder it is the best selling horror movie in Taiwan in 2015. A thumb-up for the scriptwriter and cinematographer. It is also well directed. As usual, most horror movie are gloomy and quite dark throughout the movie.  

You will notice the use of computer graphic of the little girl in red spirits haunting the people. Honestly, it remind me of Alien movie produced in Hollywood. A good move for Asian movie.

I shall give a rating of 4/5. If you are into good horror movie, this is the one for you. Not just being horrified but it keep you thinking throughout the movie. 

The movie started screening in the cinema from 21 Jan 2016. Be sure to catch it in cinema with better surround sound and larger screen effect. 

Lastly, make sure you are not tagged along by the little girl in red.


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