Thursday, January 7, 2016

Photo printing made fun and easy with SELPHY CP1200

SELPHY CP1200 is packed with features for a fun-filled photography printing experience anywhere and anytime.

Black, Pink and White

SINGAPORE, 6 January 2016 – Canon today launched the SELPHY CP1200, the newest compact photo printer in Canon’s Selphy range of printers, with a series of new features to enhance the user experience such as better portability, convenient operation and fun features.
Designed with a simple interface, the SELPHY CP1200 will appeal to users with an enjoyable and fuss-free experience. Newly equipped with an optional battery pack that can power up the printer without relying on a power outlet and coupled with Wi-Fi capability, users can print instantly from their cameras and smartphones at gatherings and parties, to create special mementoes for their guests. For users with a knack for art and craft, the SELPHY CP1200 allows users to express their creativity through a multitude of consumables – postcard, square-size printouts, auto-generated multi photo layout and even mini stickers.
“Canon’s Selphy range of compact photo printers complements the fun and immediacy of sharing memories on-the-go, perfect for varied activities with family and friends and simple for anyone to use.” said Edwin Teoh, Assistant Director, Consumer Business Marketing, Canon Singapore. “With features such as a built-in battery pack for portability and a variety of layouts for printing, the new SELPHY CP1200 takes the enjoyment factor of photo printing a notch higher.”
Achieve the perfect photo while creating lasting memories
Harking back to the days of analogue photo printing, the SELPHY CP1200 embeds the photo date in three modern new styles: in black ink, orange ink, or colourless date printing. For those who would like a date stamp printed but would prefer to exclude the visual distraction, the SELPHY CP1200 offers a new subtle style with colourless date printing. This makes the date visible only in reflected light and can also be used to print file numbers for easy identification and arrangement of photo series where the images look alike.
The SELPHY CP1200 provides many new fun layouts and sizes, such as 2-up printing on postcard or L-size paper. 2-up printing places two card-sized photos on a single large sheet of photo paper with borders for written personalization. Perforation lines are also printed in the corners to guide users for cutting photos to the right size. Card-sized photos can be used as wallet photos, message cards, or to decorate an album. Postage stamp sized photo stickers can also be printed to seal envelopes with, or to stick on notebooks and business cards.
Colour adjustment can now be made directly on the printer’s user interface, minimizing the editing process on the desktop PC or mobile devices. Other functions like colour balance, brightness, and digital photo smoothening can be adjusted for the desired effect. Settings can be saved for subsequent prints to retain the same look even after the printer is switched off.
For long lasting photos, the SELPHY CP1200 uses dye-sublimation technology to create smooth gradations without any grainy feel. The photos are protected with a special film coating that protects from colour fading. This technology also makes the photograph resistant to water droplets and fingerprints. 
Simple interface for fuss-free fun
Designed with simplicity and fun in mind, the clean design of the button layout on the SELPHY CP1200 guide users to print in three simple steps: select an image, choose the number of prints and press Print, enabling anyone to easily print photos.  
With easy connectivity to a wide array of devices, photo printing is made quick and convenient for anyone. Instant reprinting of popular pictures from the print history is also a new feature[1]. Photos can be accessed from USB drives, SD cards, or cameras and computers via a USB cable. Using Wi-Fi connectivity, users will be able to print directly from smart devices, Wi-Fi enabled cameras and PCs. When printing from smart devices like Android gadgets and Amazon’s Kindle, installing a Print plug-in will enable the device to print without needing a dedicated app.  For full control of the print settings, users can download the Canon PRINT Inkjet/Selphy app. This app will also enable users of MAXIFY and PIXMA printers to operate them in an efficient manner. For iOS devices, Apple AirPrint can be used to connect to the SELPHY CP1200.
Photo printing on the move
With its compact size, the SELPHY CP1200 is convenient to carry around to any occasion, be it a picnic at the park, a friend’s home or a restaurant. The SELPHY CP1200 has a small footprint, and spots an attractive and rounded design that will blend nicely into most décor.
The new optional battery is key to the SELPHY CP1200’s portability with its ability to print up more photos in a single charge – about 1.5 times more than the previous model. This matches up with the RP-54 paper set, which uses an ink cassette that prints up to 54 prints.
Product Specifications
Dimensions: Approx. 180.6 x 135.9 x 63.3mm
Weight: Approximately 860g
LCD: Tilt 2.7-inch (approx. 230,000 dots)
Connectivity: Wi-Fi
Compatible Battery type: NB-CP2LH/ NB-CP2L

[1]Reprinting is only possible using an SD card/USB flash drive.

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