Friday, January 30, 2015

Movie Review : Meet Miss Anxiety 《我的早更女友》

 Meet Miss Anxiety 《我的早更女友》




Four years ago, Qi Jia’s beloved college boyfriend Liu Chong plans to work in Beijing, while Qi rather stays in her hometown city. At their graduation ceremony, Qi proposes to Liu in the public, only to be rejected immediately - that was the end of their love story. 

After their graduation, Qi was so passionate toward her new life and approved the ‘flat-share’ request by her schoolmate, Yuan Xiao’ou who was homeless at that time. Qi had never heard from Liu Chong after then until she got his wedding invitation two years later, she was devastated….

Director               Jae-young Kwak

Cast                      Zhou Xun, Tong Dawei, Han-Liang Chung, Zhang Zilin

Genre                   Comedy/Romance

Duration              98 mins

Review :

Coming from the Korean director of fame comedy movie "My Sassy Girl", KWAK Jae-young, it will be a fun and enjoyable romantic comedy. Well, that’s what the Korean director is good at.  It is that kind of show that make your heart feel good from the start to the end and of course, a happy ending. That’s probably the known secret ingredient of a romantic comedy.

If the fame Korean director still does not convince you to watch the movie, let the box office taking convince you whole-heartily. When it was released on December 5, 2014 in China, and by December 20, 2014, the film had earned ¥139.17 million at the Chinese box office. Not bad for a romantic comedy.

How it ends, well, if you just cannot wait, go for the first day of the screening in the cinema near you. That is on February 5, 2015. Have an early Valentine celebration (February 14, 2015) with your girlfriend or boyfriend or even ex-gf or bf (now husband and wife), by watching this fun filled movie.

The main actress, Zhou Xun, one of the hottest Chinese actresses today truly live up to her reputation while the main actor, Tong Dawei, a seasoned actor add the extra sparkle into the movie. In fact, I think he worked very hard since his character required him to help, cheer-up and take care of Zhou Xu who was depressed with her premature menopause syndrome.

At times, there are touching moments where Tong Dawei would plan everything to ensure the care of Zhou Xun. It is only when you truly love a person; you will be able to sacrifice so much for the person. At the end of the movie, the director decided to let the cat out of the bag by flashing some of the scenes of Tong Dawei. What did he do? Watch it and you will know the answer.


In my opinion, good movie always come with a twist. There is no twist but the director decided to explain what Tong Dawei did earlier in the movie by showing some of the scenes at the end. In a way, it is to get the audience understand the true meaning of love and sacrifices. Watch it together with your love ones and feel good. I shall rate it 4/5 stars.

The movie will be showing in cinema on 05 February 2015.

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