Friday, January 30, 2015

A short visit to the Singapore Motor Show 2015

With only 1 hour to spare, I had a short visit to the Singapore Motor Show 2015. There was a huge crowd on the late Saturday afternoon. From what I understood, the entry ticket was cheaper this year than the previous year. Naturally, there were more people willing to fork out the $6 for the visit.  I was looking for super cars to photograph but end up with all the race girls photos ( excuse! ) 

As there were a few  lady models / race girls whom I knew them at the show, I stopped to chat with them. In the end, I have to stop as their bosses don't seems to be too pleased. I guessed I have to move on. Here are the photos taken of girls at the show. 

Hopeful with these photos, someone may invite me to be the official photographer / blogger for a bigger and better car show. 

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