Thursday, November 30, 2017

Experience Perfection with the moto x4 and moto g5S plus

I remember having my first Motorola StarTac in the late 1990s. It was then the smallest phone money can buy. Buying the technological piece and make a statement to our everyday life. The phone have now become smarter over the years. Well I am happy to attend the launch of the new Motorola smart phones for the first time and their range of smart phones now bear the name Moto which was catchy especially hellomoto. And I have been repeating myself with the hellomoto since I attended the launch. Just love how it sounds. Now let us get on to moto smart phones.

Trying out the moto 360 camera

Motorola have make life simple especially with OOTDs and wefies. These are already important part of our lifestyle. Even screen capture are now simply placing three fingers on the screen. Scanning business card ( I know we have apps for it, but this is part of the smart phone feature, so cool ). For hardcore selfies, hey, they also have Face filters, which add a layer of animations to your photos or videos. IP68 water and dust resistant design now become a standard in smart phone market. Wireless sound system allows you to share music by connecting up to four Bluetooth audio devices at the same time. I think you can start a music party. Motor Key allow you to access your favourite password-secured websites on your phones with a simple touch of your finger. It just make the phone more secure as ever. The new phone is Moto X4. 

The other new phone is Motor G5s plus which feature dual 13MP rear cameras combined with special photo enhancement software. Selective focus mod make it easy to take professional looking OOTDs and portraits with friends and family. The best part of the phone is that the 8MP wide angle front camera with its LED flash and new panoramic mode. Just focus on taking great wefies at night. The 3000 mAh all-battery will keep you going the whole day. Only need 15 minutes TurboPower charging time to give you a 6 hours of battery life. 

Besides the new phones, there is a list of exciting accessories such as moto 360 camera, moto gamepad and moto style shell for wireless charging. 

motor 360 camera


  • Moto X4 - S$599
  • Moto G5s Plus - S$499
  • Moto 360 camera - S$399
  • Moto GamePad - S$149
  • Moto Style Shell ( wireless charging ) - S$69

For more information on the features and details, do visit here 

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