Saturday, July 30, 2016

Movie Review THE WAILING 哭声


An old man appears in a peaceful rural village, but no one know when and why.  As mysterious rumors begin to spread about this old man, the villagers dropped dead one by one. They grotesquely kill each other for inexplicable reasons. The village is swept by turmoil and the stranger is subjected to suspicion.


A movie which put you in suspense almost from the start of the show. With mysterious death surrounding the village, possessed little girl, a Japanese man living in a Korean community all add up to more suspense for this movie. It is definitely worth watching especially you thought that you finally knew what is going on but the ending make it impossible to know the truth because the truth just can be one of the many possibilities. That’s what make it so exciting to watch. A relatively long movie. I was in fact struggling on my seat not just because of the intense suspense but the coldness of the air-con in the cinema. Be sure to bring along a warm clothing into the cinema. 

The movie also demonstrated the love of a father for his daughter. The father, a police officer was a relatively cowardly person but given that his daughter was possessed, he would find ways to help her daughter recovered. You can see how much the father sacrifices himself for the sake of his daughter. The fatherly love has turned him into a courageous person.

There are a number of mysterious characters in the movie. A mysterious lady who appear during the beginning and at the end of the movie. Another mysterious Japanese man who live in the forest and appear in semi-naked, running and hunting down animals. Chicken and goats were used for sacrifices during the rituals. Occasionally, crows appeared in large numbers which signifies bad omen. 

It is definitely a good movie to watch. I shall rate it at 3.8 / 5. The movie will be in cinema from 28 Jul 2016. 


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