Friday, April 22, 2016

Beautiful Music from C ASEAN Consonant Concert : The Sound and Spirit of ASEAN ( Video )

It was a night of good music as I attended an interesting concert by C asean Consonant. A collaboration between the nations of ASEAN. I am surprised that ASEAN do not just cooperate on business, they also worked together on music. 

Young and outstanding musicians from various countries in ASEAN gave their best to form a small musical group, playing their own country traditional wooden musical instruments, thus great music which I have not heard before. It sounds like  some sort of fusion music where nationality, culture all play a part in the creation of great music from ASEAN. 

Although the musicians may not communicate well due to different languages used in their own countries, but with music, languages are no longer a barrier. The event is initiated by ThaiBev and for Singapore roadshow, sponsored by F&N. 

The C asean Consonant is created with the aim of using the universal language of music to build a musical bridge that intertwines ASEAN countries' heritages together and create stronger bonds of understanding, friendship, and collaboration. It has become a platform for young generation to develop, share, learn and preserve traditional music of ASEAN.

C asean Consonant is formed by "C asean" a Bangkok-based social enterprise whose aims are to strengthen regional connectivity by promoting high growth environment for ASEAN businesses and uplifting public knowledge, awareness, and understanding on regional integration. Their main missions are to build an effective ASEAN network and community; to set a stage of showcase on business, arts, and culture for young entrepreneurs and new generations; and to build a regional hub for ASEAN knowledge center focusing on business start-ups, arts and culture. 

C asean Consonant Concert "The Sound & Spirit of ASEAN" was performed at Tunku Abdul Rahman Hall, Malaysia Tourism Centre )MaTiC), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysiaon 2-3 April 2016 for invitation and public respectively, and at the Shaw Foundation Alumni Huse Auditorium of the National University of Singapore on 8 April 2016.

All  photos and video are taken by me and now sit back and enjoy the video that I have created for my blog. Click below to play the video. Hopefully C asean will organise more of such collaboration in the near future. Look forward to it. 

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