Thursday, February 25, 2016

Chingay 2016, Lights of Legacy, Brighter Singapore.

It was another year of Chingay in Singapore which started in 1973. The festival began as a neighbourhood parade with only Chinese cultural elements. Today, the Chingay Parade has evolved to be one of the Asia's grandest street and floats parades, showcasing the rich vibrant multiculturalism of Singapore and exciting global cultures. A dazzling extravaganza of colours and cultural diversity, this signature and iconic event created by our own people gives us Singaporeans, much to be proud of. With the involvement of many organisations and all the communities, it highlights our rich multi-ethnic and cosmopolitan cultures in a way that is uniquely Singaporean.

2016 marks the first year of Singapore's next 50 years towards SG100 and with the theme "Lights of Legacy, Brighter Singapore", Chingay 2016 rallies all of us to come together as ONE to celebrate and to strengthen values core to our nation-building. 

I almost could not make it for this year Chingay as I have a solemnization photoshoot at BlissHouse, The Central. I managed to make it in time before the parade started. The photos that I have taken both on the backstage of the final full dressed rehearsal as well as the last day (20 Feb 2016) Chingay parade. Enjoy the photos.

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