Friday, December 4, 2015

Mr. UnBelievable Special Preview and Movie Review

This is truly the most amazing Singaporean movie ever made. Singapore most popular dialect Hokkien also came into the movie as one of active ingredients. It also happened in the year when Singapore celebrated 50th years of nation building ( SG50 2015). The passing of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, our Singapore founding father, all become successful ingredients for a good and delicious movie. 

As Singaporean, we understood our multi culture and languages well and because of the rojak (mixed-up languages), we have a  laughable common language deeply embedded into our DNA. The movie addresses all these together with good actings from the various actors. Remembering the past and putting the retro into play, also help to bring back good old memories of the past Singapore. Indeed, it helps to connect the older generations of Singaporeans including me to feel for the movie. At the same time, let the younger generations understand the old Singapore.

The movie does give hope to those who are still struggling in the Singapore society but bring joys to those who are watching the movie. That feel good feelings simply fill our needs for wanting more from this movie. 

With all the laughters we heard from the audience, especially the one sitting next to my wife, that laughter was a genuine and happy one ( you know who you are ). Amidst the laughters, then came the tears at the end when our founding father photo, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew appeared and words on the SG50 song touched our hearts as we remember Singaporeans including myself queued quietly without any complains (we usually complain a lot) to pay our last respect for our founding father. 

Mr. UnBelievable SG50 Song

At the end of special preview of the movie, a surprise was installed for the audience. The director and three actors came down from the back to greet the audience. I happened to be the official photographer for this special preview. Here are the photos of our beloved actors. 

The director, Ong Kuo Sin (王国燊) and lead actor Chan Tian Wen (陈天文) have performed well in their roles and interestingly, Mr. Unbelievable started much earlier as a viral video in Youtube which garnered a huge followings. This may well be the best marketing strategy to turn a video clip into a successful full fledged movie. We shall never forget about this movie. Hopefully, there will be a part 2 coming soon. 

I shall rated this movie 4.2 / 5.  Currently showing in the cinema near you. Oh before I forget, expect some twists at the end of the movie. Remember to watch it on the big screen to appreciate. 

Once again, thanks to Clover Films SG and Kevin for the invite. 

Introducing the Stars

What others thinks of the movie


Mr. UnBelievable Lesson on Hokkien 

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