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Green Living 2015 – A Learning Journey

Singapore’s First Sustainability and Design Show for Eco-Lifestyle Consumers

Singapore, 13 October 2015 The inaugural Green Living 2015 exhibition was held at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre from September 4 to 6, 2015. The exhibition was conceptualised to be Singapore’s first dedicated sustainability and design show held in conjunction with The International Green Building Conference (IGBC) 2015, Build Eco Xpo (BEX) Asia and Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (MCE) Asia. The series of events were all part of the annual Singapore Green Building Week (SGBW).

As the first lifestyle event focused on meeting the needs of eco-conscious consumers and businesses as well as educating the public on how to adopt an ‘eco-lifestyle’, the show was an eye-opener to its over 5,800 visitors. Their fun-filled journey through the exhibits of closed to 100 brands showed them that the many decisions we make in our everyday lives have a major impact on the planet. The visitors, young and old, learnt how making small changes that are eco-friendly have a lasting effect on the planet.

The organiser, Reed Exhibitions made every effort and turned every opportunity to show consumers that it was possible to lead an ‘eco-lifestyle’ with the many commercially  available green products on the market at the show. They also lined up an array of workshops and seminars that helped the visitors to Green Living 2015 on their eco-lifestyle journey. “We are delighted that so many of the visitors pledged to support for an eco-lifestyle and were eager to embrace the green products at the show,” said Ms. Michelle Lim, Managing Director of Reed Exhibitions. “We were very encouraged by the interest they showed for all things eco-friendly and we were touched by the many who came with their families in their bid to start their children on an eco-lifestyle path,” she added.

Recognizing the global trend toward greener homes and buildings, City Development  Limited (CDL), a pioneer organisation that actively promotes sustainable living, is proud to  be the strategic partner of Green Living 2015. Ms Esther An, CDL’s Chief Sustainability Officer said, ‘Since we established our ethos to ‘Conserve as we Construct’ in 1995, we  have remained steadfast in our commitment to green buildings and promoting sustainable living and development. From solar panels and intelligent energy management, to skyrise greenery and sustainable urban farming, we have been investing 2% to 5% of the construction cost  on eco-friendly features and innovations,  enabling  our residents to     live

green.’ She added, ‘As we strive toward creating smart and eco-friendly homes to cater to future living patterns, it is important that we engage consumers on sustainable living for a greener future. After all, residents will have optimal control over household energy consumption, and they can generate their own home-use energy and utilise it in an efficient and smart manner. Green Living 2015 is the perfect platform to achieve this.’

Visitors who came as a family enjoyed the various seminars and interactive workshops. Led by the ever-charming Morchoo and Titoy, the Nature Ambassador Duo adopted by Green Living 2015, kids between four to twelve had their hands filled and minds thrilled at the Kids Green Workshop by GardenasiaKids as they learnt how to make their own terrarium and to upcycle their old T-shirts and plastic bags into something fun. “As Green Living’s sustainable partner, GardenAsia has enjoyed the wonderful partnership with Reed Exhibitions to spread the joy of living an eco-lifestyle. The adoption of Titoy and Morchoo as Nature Ambassadors is a great endorsement of Green Living to inspire the community and nurture the young towards a better and greener world we call Home. We look forward to next year’s edition to bring more green lifestyle ideas and experience to our community,” said Mr Kenny Eng, Director, GardenAsia.

One of the highlights of the show were the award-winning electric and hybrid cars by  German marque, BMW. The two cars on exhibit, the BMW i3 and BMW i8, were designed to respond to consumers’ demand for more eco-friendly and sustainable products in their daily lives. ‘We are pleased to see events like Green Living taking off in Singapore, and that BMW i Series was part of it. Sustainability plays a contributive role to our future, and we appreciate the positive impact that Green Living has left on people’s mindset,’ said Mr Anutarasoti Sethipong, Corporate Affairs Director of BMW Group Asia.

Hands-on workshops by Homefix-XPC offered visitors, including children, the opportunity to make their own lamps, upcycle old glassware into decorative goblets and terrariums or devise their very own mobile phone holders. "Despite the short timeframe, it was a good working relationship with the team behind Green Living 2015. We have already started talks with them on putting up an even better show in the next edition in 2016", Mr Soh Ju Hu, Head of XPC, Home-Fix. Green Living 2015 has been a great platform for Green related partners. Together with XPC, we look forward to continuing our partnership with the Green Living team for next edition in 2016,” added Mr Jackie Tan, Design Director, Triple Eyelid.
The Building and Construction Authority’s (BCA) Green Office Pop-Up, an interactive ‘green office’ was both entertaining and educational. It offered green tips and benefits for office users, building owners and landlords. Visitors were encouraged to explore the different parts of the ‘office’ and discover how adopting green offices promote a more efficient workforce and a healthier lifestyle. Another popular stopover for the visitors was the Singapore Sustainability Story which featured the full spectrum of initiatives and policies behind Singapore’s success in achieving the triple bottom line sustainability. It was presented by various government agencies and commercial organisations in a fun, easy-to-grasp manner that appealed to many visitors.

Visitors to Green Living felt that it was a well-organised and informative event. It is a good learning ground for consumers who are not aware of how to go about living green, said Ms Joyce, Sales & Marketing Executive who attended the show. Green Living has taught me tips to be environmentally friendly and the activities are fun!” commented Ms Foo Cheng  Yi,

Student. The event has raise awareness for going green. We loved the recycling machine with the gift idea, it is a very clever idea for waste management, added Ms Sarah Djumin, Office Manager.

Green Living 2015 was organised along the three pillars of modern living, ‘Live, Work & Play’. Among some of the participating companies were City Development Limited, Mitsubishi Electric, BMW Group Asia, Lutron, Mountain Teak, Husksware, The Healing Concierge and many others. The products on display included eco-appliances, machines and electronics, eco-interiors, smart home automation technology, alternative transportation, green homes, edible garden and greenery, as well as eco lifestyle products such as organic food, natural skincare and cosmetics, fashion wear and accessories.

Riding on encouraging comments from visitors such as Ms Audrey, Business Owner, “to continue organizing Green Living as I have totally enjoyed it, the organiser, Reed  Exhibitions will be formulating richer concepts and new segments for the next edition of Green Living in 2016. More details will be released soon. For more information on the event, visit http://www.green-living.com.sg/

About Reed Exhibitions

Reed Exhibitions is the world’s leading events organiser, with over 500 events in 43 countries. In 2014 Reed brought together over seven million event participants from around the world generating billions of dollars in business. Today Reed events are held throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa and organised by 41 fully staffed offices. Reed Exhibitions serves 43 industry sectors with trade and consumer events. It is part of the RELX Group plc, a world-leading provider of information solutions for professional customers across industries.

About BEX Asia, MCE Asia & IGBC

Build Eco Xpo (BEX) Asia is the global business sourcing, networking and knowledge- sharing platform for the sustainable built environment in Southeast Asia. The event draws together international brands of green building technologies and advancements, to the heart of the region’s community of architects, building owners, contractors,  consultants, developers, facility managers and energy managers, for business opportunities and experiential engagement. http://www.bex-asia.com/

MCE Asia 2015, is the first dedicated trade exhibition for the HVAC, Water, Renewable Energy and Heating Sectors of the Green Building Community in Southeast Asia. The event will showcase the DUAL concept of energy saving & efficiency via innovative technologies or integrated systems with enriched living comfort through optimised indoor environment  quality. The focal audience for MCE Asia is specialised building professionals within the residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and hospitality sectors, and those whom are concerned with the above evolving trends. http://www.mcexpocomfort-asia.com/

The International Green Building Conference (IGBC) 2015, organised by the Building Construction and Authority (BCA) of Singapore, will also be held concurrently with BEX Asia 2015 and MCE Asia 2015. Themed “Build Green, Live Smart”, ‘Build Green’ represents the call for greener infrastructure, while ‘Live Smart’ focuses on the action for end users to act more responsibly and live sustainably based on meaningful smart data collected. IGBC 2015 expects to attract more than 1,000 participants from over 30 countries including policy makers and key government officials from growth markets, committed to understanding and putting into action real-world, tangible and leading green building solutions. http://www.sgbw.com.sg/en

Collectively, BEX Asia 2015, MCE Asia 2015 and IGBC 2015, will be the key platforms during the Singapore Green Building Week in September for the exchange of global expertise, knowledge and solutions for the future of Southeast Asia’s Sustainable Built Environment.

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